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Customised programme endorsed by Henley Business School

Apart from providing university students with Huawei certified courses, HICTA also offers customised programmes to meet specific requirements of the clients in industry and public sectors develop their digital insights into the real business world, as shown in the following examples.

LEAD Programme Leadership for Digital Transformation (EP.LeDT)
Programme Description LEAD Programme (Learn, Explore, Action, Develop) is a holistically designed ICT Discovery Expedition Programme to support Huawei's customers in developing future leaders with a global and innovation mind-set and preparing them to orchestrate and lead digital transformation and service innovation. The Executive Programme on Leadership for Digital Transformation (EP.LeDT) is a partnership between Huawei Manageemnt Training Institute and Henley Business School.
Programme Overview This programme incorporates advanced resources to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of business strategy and technology architecture aligned with business development. Through a face-to-face teaching and practical case studies, you will gain your insights of enterprise strategy, business and technology architecture, and company resource management (such as human resource, finance, marketing and data/information). The programme is led by carrier technology subject matter experts from the Huawei Management Training Institute, along with leading faculty in transformation and leadership from Henley Business School. This executive programme will help leaders acquire guidelines and insights from three different perspectives as industry perspective, business perspective and leadership perspective. In addition, it provides leaders with the practical knowledge and tools that assist in setting an agenda and defining a roadmap focused on the dimensions of Strategy, Business, Organisation and Culture (SBOC) to be embraced in planning their Digital Transformation journey.
Outcome 1. Knoowlege: Exposure to leading edge ideas from the Henley faculty and industry experts that relate to the leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, transformation and organisation challenge for corporations in today fast changing market environment. 1. Plan and build a digital transformation strategy.
2. Mindset and capability: The programme support leaders and future leaders to generate innovative outcomes to respond to the challenge in digital transformation and to lead change within their organisations. 2. Draw on professional knowledge from industry experts and leading researchers from Henley Business School.
3. Access the world-class expertises from the global business eco-systems.

Successful Case

Case Study- Intelligent Manufacturing Camp

In November 2019, we collaborated with Fujian Science Association and launched our first 'Intelligent manufacturing Camp". We customised the LeDT programme in accordance with the delegation's requirement and include Big Data, AI, digital transformation and digital innovation into our 14 days studies.

This programme highly summarised the factors resulting in the success of intelligent manufacturing in the UK. Through the 14-day studies, all of our camp participants can relate business practices with strategy planning via practical case studies. I believe this knowledge are significantly valuable for us.
Mr. Bin Shi- Representative of Fujian Science Association

If you want to know more about the programme, please view more details here (Chinese version).


Case Study- SPECS Programme

In June 2019, we collaborated with the Hainan government to launch "SPECS (Senior Programme of Ecological Civilisation and Sustainability)" programme, which is specialised in understanding the application of ICT technologies in sustainable development. We invited experts and academics from diverse disciplines to deliver seminars from different perspectives, including UK sewerage disposal, laws and regulations relating to the construction of ecological civilisation and emission saving.

This programme emphasised comparing sustainable practices between China and the UK. Through a series of field studies and thematic seminars, we were equipped with knowledge of designing sustainable development strategies of Hainan province.
Mr. Shenghui Wang- Representative of Hainan province

If you want to know more about the programme, please view more details here (Chinese version).

Case Study- World Young Leadership Camp

In August 2019, we collaborated with Chongqing University and launched our second “World Young Leadership Camp” after our first attempt with Zhengzhou University in 2018. To develop students’ leadership skills, this programme included courses in administration management, international business, HR management, marketing and digital transformation. Through this programme, students can develop their leadership as well as critical thinking skills through a series of practical seminars and case studies.

If you want to know more about the programme, please view more details here (Chinese version).

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