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Customised programme endorsed by Henley Business School

Apart from providing university students with Huawei certified courses, HICTA also offers customised programmes to meet specific requirements of the clients in industry and public sectors develop their digital insights into the real business world, as shown in the following examples.

Business Technology Leadership

Programme Overview

Our programme incorporates advanced resources to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of business strategy and technology architecture aligned with business development. Through a face-to-face teaching and practical case studies, you will gain your insights of enterprise strategy, business and technology architecture, and company resource management (such as human resource, finance, marketing and data/information).


  • Develop your business vision and strategy.
  • Cultivate essential skills for being a strategic leader with business and technology competencies.
  • Expose to the latest leadership skills, such as enterprise architecture, business and IT alignment.
  • Provide you with cross cultural communication opportunities.

Digital Transformation

Programme Overview

The programme aims to give you the knowledge and skills required to build a foundation in strategy, planning and execution to take a business through a successful digital transformation. Using a combination of teaching techniques ranging from face-to-face teaching, interaction over a digital environment, case studies and experiential learning delivered by experts in the field, you will create your own digital roadmap to success. On top of this, you will be able to collaborate with tutors and colleagues to share your experience with peers and build a portfolio of life lessons and best practices.

By the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Plan and build a digital transformation strategy.
  • Draw on professional knowledge from industry experts and leading researchers from Henley Business School.
  • Access the world-class expertises from the global business eco-systems.

Successful Case

In November 2019, we collaborated with Fujian Science Association and launched our first 'Intelligent manufacturing Camp". With the goal to develop a sustainable intelligent manufacturing strategy in Fujian province, we customised the programme content in accordance with the delegations' requirement and included Big Data, AI, intelligent manufacturing under Industry 4.0, digital transformation and digital innovation into our 14 days studies.

This programme highly summarised the factors resulting in the success of intelligent manufacturing in the UK. Through the 14-day studies, all of our camp participants can relate business practices with strategy planning via practical case studies. I believe this knowledge are significantly valuable for us.
Mr. Bin Shi- Representative of Fujian Science Association

If you want to know more about the programme, please view more details here (Chinese version).