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Centre for Social and Organisational Studies

Introduction to the Centre

The Centre for Social and Organisational Studies was created in 2010 to bring together existing streams of research in organisational behaviour, organisation studies and business ethics with a strong inter-disciplinary focus on the social sciences. It aims to interrogate conventional assumptions and understandings of organisational processes and dynamics. More specifically the centre focuses on three general areas:

(a) How organisations and individuals relate and how they respond to the changing wider socio-economic environment and challenges in business and society.

(b) Critical questioning of the assumptions guiding academic research on organisations, power and authority, work, meaning, identity and self, which support a humanistic orientation in our inquiry and impact.

(c) Morality and ethics involving management, accountability and relations. We seek to combine rigour with relevance and welcome researchers in all areas of social and organisational studies, as well as a wide variety of associated disciplines, including sociology, politics, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, economics and history.

The Centre aims to promote high impact research and research-led teaching in business and management that remains conscious and respectful of the human integrity and well-being of all involved. We maintain an orientation towards independently conducted, cutting edge research which can attract external funding and a cross-disciplinary approach.

Members of the Centre:

External Members:

Research at CSOS

CSOS welcomes visiting scholars with research interests in cognate areas. Please contact Kleio Akrivou at for further information.

In addition, PhD proposals in any of the following areas are encouraged:

  • Ethics, virtue and morality in business and management
  • Power, authority, accountability/responsibility and legitimacy
  • Moral education and human development
  • Organisational and social relations and practices

For any PhD related queries, please visit the Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour PhD page here.

Centre Activities

CSOS organises conferences, workshops and seminars on a regular basis, as well as hosting PhDs and visiting academics. Our annual workshops occur in the summer term and are usually co-organised with a partner institution.

Major recent activities include:

  • Symposium on 'The Challenges of Capitalism for the Common Good'
    • Presentations
    • Delegate List
  • CSOS Reading Group at Whiteknights campus, University of Reading
  • CSOS Annual Workshops
    • 2011, University of Reading
    • 2012, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
    • 2013, University of Oxford
    • 2014, Neoma Business School Reims
    • 2015, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • CSOS Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Organisations Seminars
    • 2015 Programme


Links to Centaur publication for Henley Business School based members:

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