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Members and fellows

These three research areas can be divided down into eight themes, outlined below:

Mergers and acquisitions, innovation and business transformation

- Chinese mergers and acquisitions (Professor Yipeng Liu, Dr Chen Zheng)

- Servitisation and business transformation (Dr Philip Davies, Professor Elena Beleska-Spasova, Dr Denise Tsang, Dr Ruby Zhang, Professor Adrian Palmer, Professor Andrew Kakabadse, Professor Nada Kakabadse)

- Research and development and innovation management (Dr Anlan Chen, Professor Rajneesh Narula, Dr Quyen Nguyen, Dr Dan Zhou)

Talent management and global entrepreneurship

- Global talent mobility and expatriates (Dr Washika Haak-Saheem, Professor Yipeng Liu, Dr Chul Chung)

- Entrepreneurship, regional development and institutional development (Dr Anlan Chen, Professor Andrew Godley, Professor Yipeng Liu)

Global challenges and sustainable development

- Healthcare management and global challenges (Dr Vicky Li, Dr Chris Woodrow, Professor Yipeng Liu, Professor Kecheng Liu)

- Urbanisation and climate change (Professor Kathy Pain, Dr Yi Wu, Professor Michael Ball, Victor Nicholls, Dr Stephanie Liu)

- Financial and banking systems (Dr Miriam Marra, Professor Liang Han, Dr Dan Luo)

Contact us

Professor Yipeng Liu

For more information please contact Professor Yipeng Liu, CMGB Director.

Telephone: 0118 3788554