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Leadership@Henley Breakfast Briefings

A series of performance-focused workshops for business leaders of all disciplines led by leadership experts at Henley Business School.

Leader as catalyst: The psychology of effective, and ethical, leadership

Location: Savoy Place, London, WC1

Speaker: Dr Kleio Akrivou - Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, Director, MSc in international management.

Why are some leaders able to drive great performance, respond to the complex demands of the economic environment and multiple stakeholders – and all in an ethical way, while others seem unable to move their organisations much beyond the status quo? Dr Kleio Akrivou has recently published research that examines the current demands on executive leaders for both great corporate performance coupled with heightened corporate responsibility. It helps us understand why some executives are successful catalysts of performance over time - and some are not. This breakfast briefing will outline the psychological capabilities of executives that can respond not just effectively, but also ethically, to today’s demands for organisational performance. It will bring to life the concept of the leader as catalyst – an individual who creates conditions that foster the engagement of others. You will explore the dynamic and ongoing interdependence between leaders and the system in which they operate and understand the reason why the narcissistic leader, operating independently, is at best ineffective and at worst risks the long term success of the organisation.

Both briefings will also include an introduction to the executive leadership development programmes offered by Henley Business School.

For more information on either event please contact Anne Tabbner on:
Telephone +44 (0)1491 418 767 or email