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The Centre for China Management and Global Business (CMGB) is a research centre of Henley Business School. The research centre was set up with the purpose of becoming a leading centre of research excellence in the field of global business by producing and sharing knowledge to advance understanding of China management. We foster intellectual debates, knowledge exchange and mutual learning between the West and the East in today’s uncertain world.

CMGB combines evidence-based management research, public policy and practice to create public and social value. Our philosophy is to connect cutting-edge research with public policy and practice through evidence-based management research to generate meaningful impact. This builds on the foundations of Henley’s 75 years of experience in cultivating business leaders and our collective research expertise.

CMGB aims to become one of the UK’s leading progressive think tanks with a focus on business links between China and the UK. CMGB will produce regular and timely ‘thought leadership articles’ that can inform business leaders on issues that affect them to collaborate and grow globally. Our shared belief is that cross-cultural understanding between the UK and China via interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for the prosperity and sustainable development of organisations and societies worldwide. In times of global turbulence and uncertainties, we need imagination, collaboration and solidarity to tackle global challenges together by leveraging the wisdom from both the East and the West.

CMGB is led by Professor Yipeng Liu, with faculty members across all research areas in Henley Business School.

Professor Yipeng Liu

Professor in Management and Organisation Studies
Founding Director of the Research Centre for China Management and Global Business (CMGB)

+44 (0) 118 378 8554

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For any enquiries about the Centre for China Management and Global Business please contact Professor Yipeng Liu, the CMGB Director, on yipeng.liu@henley.ac.uk .
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For more information please contact Alex Baker by email at a.j.baker@henley.ac.uk or by phone on 0118 3788691.

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