Brittelstand Symposium

Brittelstand Symposium


Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship, in partnership with Business United, are proud to lead the Brittelstand Symposium series. The Brittelstand Symposium is an annual event for leaders and shareholders of mid-sized wealth-creating businesses to address the major challenges facing business owners today.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to make business connections amongst peers, explore opportunities of mutual interest, find out how others are embracing innovation, share insights and good practices, learn from the diverse range of speakers, discover how business owners have accessed funds for growth and many other relevant benefits. Please note that requests to attend should only be made by company representatives (leaders or shareholders) attaining greater than £1m turnover as wealth creating businesses.


Brittelstand Symposium 2019 was held on 18 September 2019 and proved to be a big success. For further information about Brittelstand Symposium 2019, including testimonials from attendees, please read our news release here.

Brittelstand Symposium 2020 is provisionally scheduled for 23 September 2020. Please check back for updates on the timings, venue and speakers.

Jurek Sikorski

Executive Director for the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship
0118 378 8188