Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship - Best Start-Up and Innovation of the Year Competition

The Best Start-Up and Innovation of the Year Competition is an event for businesses recently launched by students and graduates of the University of Reading, including the Henley Business School and in particular those businesses occupying the Henley Start-Up Business Incubator.

The Competition opens with an initial application round, in which the entries are viewed by a HCfE committee. The committee will then select the five most promising companies, who will get the opportunity to attend the Best Start-Up and Innovation of the Year Competition Final, where businesses present to a panel of judges in front of a live audience.

The finalists will be competing for the coveted titles of Best Start-Up and Best Innovation and the opportunity to win significant cash prizes, as well as the chance to be mentored by the sponsors.

The finalists will be judged by an expert panel, including representatives from the sponsors, who will choose winners for two categories:

  • The start-up that has made the most progress over the last twelve months and in particular has built revenues and customer traction. Additionally, the judges want to see evidence that the business will become sustainable.
  • The start-up that has built innovative products or services that disrupt the market. Entrants must be able to demonstrate that there has been a demand for the innovation and that the innovation has proved to be successful.

The most recent Best Start-Up and Innovation of the Year Competition was held in 2016. Congratulations to KYMIRA for winning the Best Start-Up and Best Innovation categories and TimeTrap Escape Rooms for placing as runners up. To read about the event in full, see our news release here.

HCfE thanks NatWest and Renal Services for their generous sponsorship and support, along with their provision of mentoring for the winners.


If you wish to discuss any aspect of the competition please contact Jurek Sikorski, Executive Director for the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship, on 0118 378 8188 or jurek.sikorski@henley.ac.uk