Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship - Summer Start-Up Boot Camp


The Summer Start-Up Boot Camp is a hands-on, week-long course for University of Reading and Henley Business School students and alumni, as well as local budding entrepreneurs, to help them learn about setting up a business from scratch. The course gives participants the confidence and skills to start a business and make money doing what they love and covers some key points for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Details of the 2021 Summer Start-Up Boot Camp will be released around January 2021. Please check back then for further details.

The 2020 Summer Start-Up Boot Camp was held online between 22-26 June 2020 and proved to be extremely popular, with over 80 attendees dialing in and to create their businesses. You can read about the 2020 Boot Camp here.

This is what attendees of the 2020 Summer Start-Up Boot Camp said about their experience of participating:

"I signed up to this event as I had planned to keep myself busy while staying indoors and I am still amazed at how useful and informative the event was, to the extent that I was sad when it came to the last day of the programme. I found this really useful and helpful." Esosa Oduware, Henley Business School BA Accounting and Management student

"I started the Boot Camp without knowing what to expect. What I learned absolutely blew my mind. The techniques, entrepreneurial mindset and advice that was given to us are priceless. I feel confident and full of energy now to take my business idea to the next level. Thank you to the team, you are outstanding!" Rieke Sproten, University of Reading Postgraduate Food Systems and Food Ed Consortium alumnus

"Thank you for the Boot Camp opportunity, everything was very helpful and I have gained some more inspiration about how to start a business." Georgia Christophi, local resident

"Thanks very much for organising this course. It is really a pleasure to learn and I have benefited a lot from it." Yun Xiao, local resident



The Henley Summer Start-Up Boot Camp is sponsored by Santander Universities.