Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship - Summer Start-Up Boot Camp


The Summer Start-Up Boot Camp is a hands-on, week-long course for students and local budding entrepreneurs to help them learn about setting up a business from scratch. The course gives participants the confidence and skills to start a business and make money doing what they love and covers some key points for any aspiring entrepreneur.


The 2019 Summer Start-Up Boot Camp was held between 24-28 June 2019 and proved to be extremely popular, with a record number of attendees and high praise from those who participated. You can read about the 2019 Boot Camp here.

The 2019 Summer Start-Up Boot Camp Report has also been released, documenting the success of the Boot Camp participants and how the Boot Camp benefitted them. Read the full Boot Camp Report here.


This is what attendees of the 2019 Summer Start-Up Boot Camp said about their experience of participating:

Ezequiel Anibal, MSc Entrepreneurship student: "The Boot Camp provided a new and thought-provoking mindset to conduct business."

Debby Chau, MSc Entrepreneurship student: "The Boot Camp challenges the conventional way of starting a business. It reshaped my approach to entrepreneurship and made me focus on what really matters to drive success."

Marie Trilling, Henley Business School intern: "I really learned something for life, to trust in myself and to be self-confident."

Stefanie Parubets, winner of Kiev IDEAFEST Student Business Idea Competition 2019: "I was delighted to receive such an amazingly special prize of allowing me to take part in the Summer Start-Up Boot Camp."

Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship works in partnership with the PopUp Business School to deliver the Summer Start-Up Boot Camp.



The Summer Start-Up Boot Camp is supported and sponsored by Santander Universities.