Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship - Summer Start-Up Boot Camp

The Summer Start-Up Boot Camp is a hands-on, week-long course for students and local budding entrepreneurs to help them learn about setting up a business from scratch. The course will give participants the confidence and skills to start a business and make money doing what they love and covers some key points for any aspiring entrepreneur, including:  

  • How to start a business with no money
  • How to build a website for free and get onto Google
  • How to set up a company (e.g. registration and meeting tax and legal requirements)
  • How to find the confidence to launch a business 

Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship is delighted to announce that it is hosting the sixth annual Summer Start-Up Boot Camp, delivered by the PopUp Business School.



The Summer Start-Up Boot Camp 2018 will be held on 25-29 June 2018, from 10:00am to 4:00pm in room G10 of the Henley Business School building, Whiteknights campus RG6 6UD.

Please check out the flyer here for further details.

To apply for the Summer Start-Up Boot Camp, you can request a place by filling out the form here. Attendance is free, but there are only a limited number of slots available, so act now to secure your place.

Last year’s Summer Start-Up Boot Camp proved to be a great success, helping both students and budding local entrepreneurs learn how to start a business with no money, build a website for free, find customers and start to make sales.

You can find out more about the 2017 Summer Start-Up Boot Camp here and watch our video of the event here.

The Summer Start-Up Boot Camp is supported and sponsored by Santander Universities.