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A collaboration between Professor Bernd Vogel and Obiageli Heidelberger-Nkenke, Henley Centre for Leadership, Marc Wagner and Karla Blanke, Detecon International, and Dr. Reza Moussavian, Peter Kalkanis, Martin Wilckens, Deutsch Telekom.

The Henley Centre for Leadership is dedicated to exploring, investigating, understanding and advancing new forms, practices and sources of leadership in global contexts. In so doing, we seek to create significant intellectual insights, stimulation and practical support for leadership.

Key to our thinking is the concept of ‘Engaging Leadership’:

Leading engaged and engaging people is crucial to success in organisations. In our research, participants stated ‘Building and maintaining employee engagement’ as the most important people management objective and ‘Organisation-wide leadership capability’ as the outstanding people development priority (6th Henley Corporate learning Priorities Survey, 2015).

Engaging leadership is deeply rooted in relationships and processes and is created jointly by the people involved; it relates to organisations and teams as much as to individuals. Engaging leadership thus includes lateral engagement between peers and purposeful and responsible upwards leadership, as well as leading from the top down; each perspective becomes equally important.

And so the HCL explores Engaging Leadership as a pluralistic concept and set of practices, where shared purpose is central and everyone’s contributions are respected; it moves beyond individuals and towards engagement of the entire workforce in the practice of leadership. With this inclusive, multi-level and multi-lens approach it reflects today’s complex organisational challenges.

Aspirations of the HCL

  • To be a hub for innovative insights about Engaging Leadership through research, practice and development
  • To bridge and blend academic and applied challenges in different spheres of society to influence practice and policy
  • To create a fertile, supportive, inspiring community of practitioners, programme members, faculty members, doctoral students and associated researchers
  • To engage academics, managers and organisations in adopting more purpose-rich and progressive leadership thinking and practices

Why work with the HCL?

HCL faculty research and work with national and international private, public and third sector organisations on the following leadership challenges:

  • Engaging and energizing leadership
  • New ways of developing leadership and future leaders
  • Managers’ personal development and reflective practice
  • Resilience and stress in the workplace
  • Organisation-wide leadership quality
  • Leadership in digital environments
  • Leadership of change, complexity, and projects
  • Diverse leadership and women in leadership
  • Leadership styles, collective and distributed leadership
  • Team leadership and team dynamics
  • Teams as nuclei for creativity and innovation

Portfolio of activities in the HCL

The HCL is pursuing a set of distinct activities via three integrated and mutually stimulating areas:

Research Engagement

For intellectual insights, stimulation and practical support

  • Faculty research projects
  • Collaborative studies integrating practice and research
  • Partnerships with international academics, institutions and Research Centres across the University of Reading
  • Relevant and impactful doctoral research
  • HCL Lab

Outreach, Impact and Networking

Connecting practical and academic leadership challenges for associates of the HCL

  • Annual ‘Engaging Leadership with Impact’ conversation
  • HCL annual conference
  • Academic conferences and research seminars
  • Digital communication

Learning and Educating

Making a difference to practicing, educating and developing Engaging Leadership

  • Facilitating learning and education with undergraduate, MBA and doctoral students
  • Building leadership capability of individual students, managers and executives, and entire organisations
  • Supporting the Henley MA in Leadership

Henley Centre for Leadership Blogs

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The Henley Centre for Leadership support the Henley MA in Leadership. This is a part time programme that will provide an intensive and personal leadership development experience to current and future leaders.

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