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Portfolio of Activities in the HCL

The HCL is pursuing a set of distinct activities via three integrative and mutually stimulating areas: Research Engagement, Outreach, Impact and Networking and Learning and Education.

The Henley LAB for Engaging Leadership

The Henley LAB is the core space for intense collaboration between practice and research in the HCL. It brings together international organisations for consortium type learning. It facilitates joint peer-to-peer learning and impactful research on new practices and forms of engaging and multi-faceted leadership in global contexts.

Research Engagement

For significant intellectual insights, stimulation and practical support.

  • Faculty research projects
  • Collaborative studies integrating practice and research
  • Partnerships with international academics, institutions and research centres across the University of Reading
  • Relevant and impactful doctoral research
  • Paper Development Group
  • Henley LAB

Outreach, Impact and Networking

Connecting practical and academic leadership challenges for the peers of the HCL.

  • Annual ‘Engaging Leadership with Impact’ Conversation
  • Henley Centre for Leadership Annual Conference
  • Academic conferences and research seminars
  • Digital conversations

Learning and Education

Making a difference to practicing, educating and developing engaging leadership.

  • Facilitating learning and education from undergraduate to MBAs to doctoral students
  • Building leadership capability of individual students, managers, and executives and entire organisations
  • Supporting the Henley MA Leadership/Henley MA Leadership Development

Who should join?

Organisations and senior managers who seek in-depth leadership stimulation and learning and leadership impact.

How the LAB will work:

  • Two year Learning LAB of 5-6 international organisations.
  • Focus on LAB organisations, current and future leadership and leadership development challenges.
  • Potential learning and development areas would cover leadership challenges such as: Leadership capability of entire organisations – individual and collective practices of leading – sideways, upwards and downwards leading and following –flourishing management teams – leadership to drive innovation in teams – leadership and social media – values-based, purposeful and responsible leadership – new paradigms for engaging leadership development.
  • Each organisation sends a number of senior managers to one-day workshops of the LAB.
  • Peer-to-peer learning across and within Lab organisations, joint research projects, sharing of best practices, and organisational and individual development – embedded in a series of insight driven, interactiveworkshops and research projects on-site of LAB organisations.

Why should LAB Organisations and their managers participate?

LAB Organisations

 'In-reach’ benefits inside LAB organisations

  • Applicable and a time to assess insights, frameworks and practices from a series of workshops and in-depth studies.
  • Issues-focused development of leadership capability in a distinct group of senior managers.
  • Exposure to current and actionable research from HCL members.

‘Out-reach’ benefits towards stakeholders of LAB organisation

  • Reputational gain by being at the forefront of understanding and practicing new forms of engaging leadership.

Senior Managers

  • Opportunity to expand individual leadership capacity.
  • Stimulation of personal leadership thinking and practice via access to impactful insights and innovative practices.
  • Transfer of insights and practices to individual leadership context.
  • Network of remarkable and engaging participants in the LAB community.



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