Research Activities

The HCLs guiding theme: ‘To explore, investigate, understand, and advance new forms, practices, and sources of engaging leadership in global contexts and in doing so creating significant intellectual insights, stimulation and practical support for leadership.

What we mean by engaging leadership!

Leadership is a multi-faceted approach that aims to reflect ambiguous, complex and high paced challenges that society, organisations, managers and employees face. Leadership is deeply rooted in relationships and processes and created jointly by the people involved. It is a multilevel phenomenon, relating to organisations and teams as much as to individuals.

We very much welcome organisations to collaborate with us on this journey.

Members of the HCL address a range of leadership challenges:

  • Future notions of leadership and developing leadership capability
  • Creating energised teams and organisations
  • Leadership identity and decision-making
  • Innovation and creativity and the impact of leadership
  • Leadership of change and complexity
  • Leadership in the context of projects
  • Women in Leadership
  • Manager’s personal development and reflective practice
  • Developing individual, organisational and societal leadership capability.

HCL members are researching in and working with national and international organisations in various sectors including private, public and third sector organisations.

The HCL embraces the richness and diversity of research and thus pursues multidisciplinary and inclusive approaches on leadership and leadership development including normative, explorative, or critical stances. We are striving to build the academic expertise within the group to ensure that each person is working to their interests and strengths in terms of high-impact publications, attracting external funding, teaching and client facing work.

This also includes our thriving community of PhD and DBA students. We welcome prospective doctoral candidates who wish to study for a PhD or DBA and also visiting scholars with interests in topics related to the research areas below. (Specific opportunities will be advertised on this site or on the main LOB PhD recruitment website).

Current projects and areas of interest include:

  • Distributed Leadership in complex professionalized settings and strategies to facilitate its emergence
  • Project leadership change management
  • Leadership development processes to enable women to access senior positions and break the glass ceiling
  • Leadership dysfunction and its effect on organizational culture/wellbeing
  • Team leadership, team dynamics and team effectiveness)
  • Leadership and innovation-creativity on teams
  • Exploring organisational leadership capability
  • Energizing senior management teams
  • Developing leadership capacity on the job
  • Digital strategic leadership