Members of the HCL


Prof Bernd Vogel (Director)
Engaging leadership and future of leadership; energising organisations and senior management teams; developing leadership and followership; CEO decision making and identity.


Dr Claire Collins
Leadership, Dviversity and Behaviour. How we create diverse and effective leadership in a responsible and well-functioning organisation.


Dr Amal Ahmadi
Postdoctoral fellow: Leadership development, entrepreneurship, organisational behaviour and workplace emotions


Dr Chris Dalton
Reflective practice, systemic epistemology and personal development.


Prof Abby Ghobadian
Organisational sustainability and organisational success factors.


Dr Ana Margarida Graca
Team leadership for team dynamics and effectiveness; developing leadership in teams as nucleus for innovation.


Prof Karen Jansen
Leading transformational change, energy and engagement mapping, and aligning evolving strategy and talent


Prof David Pendleton
Leadership and leadership development, top team development, executive assessment, organisational behaviour, the use of psychometric tools and communication in healthcare.


Dr Caroline Rook
The role of coaching for creating resilience for positive leadership.


Dr Stephen Simister
Leading change; organisational design and culture; leading and managing programmes.


Dr Lebene Soga
Impact of social technologies on leadership practices.


Dr Jean-Anne Stewart
Leadership and leadership development, facilitation, action learning, intergenerational leadership, SMEs.

National Partners


Professor (emer.) Victor Dulewicz


Dr Dimitrios Spyridonidis

Knowledge-based view of leadership, leadership development, identity and hubris.


Dr Sharon Varney (Adjunct Faculty)

University of Reading networks:

National and international University Networks:

  • IESE Business School, Dr Anneloes M. L. Raes
  • Texas Christian University, Dr Michael S. Cole
  • University of Cambridge, Dr Jochen Menges
  • University of East Anglia, Dr Stefan Krummaker
  • University of Southampton, Professor Malcolm Higgs
  • University of St. Gallen, Prof. Dr Heike Bruch

Recently completed doctoral projects

  • Dr Amal Ahmadi - A Phenomenological Exploration of the Leadership Knowing-Doing Gap, Focusing on the Role of Leader Fear and the Leadership Context.

Amal Ahmadi, who recently completed her PhD received a Best Doctoral Paper Award for a paper presented at the 9th Conference on Emotions and Organisational Life (Emonet IX) in 2014. Read more here.

  • Kim Bradley-Cole: Working title "Romancing Authenticity... exploring the nature and role of followers' implicit theories of authentic leadership and the contribution of authentic leader behaviours to effective leader-leader relationships".
  • Susann Gjerde (Visiting Doctoral Student): Working title "Developing Leadership, leader roles and leader identities" The aim of this PhD is to contribute to a better understanding of how leaders and leadership develop naturally during managers’ role transitions and as a consequence of attending formal development initiatives. With the use of mixed methods the PhD addresses the development of internal processes such as trust in self and trust in others among middle managers undergoing a six months leadership coaching programme, and the evolving constructions and enactments of leader roles and leader identities among experienced senior managers entering new roles. Through four empirical papers the PhD extends and builds theory on leader and leadership development and offers valuable insights for managers to reflect upon as they are faced with changing leader role expectations and suggestions for organisations in their creation of leadership development programmes.
  • Dr Lebene Soga: "The role of Web 2.0 technologies in organisational leadership: An actor-network and practice theory perspective".
  • Sharon Varney: "A complexity perspective on organisational change: making sense of emerging patterns in self-organising systems".

Sharon Varney, who recently finished her DBA, has received an Outstanding Doctoral Research Award.

"A complexity perspective on organizational change: making sense of emerging patterns in self-organising systems" has been chosen, by the editorial team of Leadership and Organisation Development Journal, as a Highly Commended Award winner of the 2013 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards in the Leadership and Organisation Development category.

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