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What we are:

Henley Markets is a research and consultancy group of economists based at Henley Business School providing contemporary comment, thought leadership and research into the future of financial, commercial and social markets.

It is our view that four inter-linked mega-trends are driving the unfolding story of global growth in the future of the 'post recession' world. These are forces that creating a global tipping point:

  • We will operate in a world of scarce and more expensive credit and capital

  • The centre of gravity for growth and development is shifting from the Western world eastwards around the globe with the concomitant changes that this implies in the pattern of international trade, investment and ownership

  • The developed world is seeking grow in the face of continued headwinds of fiscal debt and demographic pressures on resources

  • Natural resources will become increasingly scarce in the face of higher global demands

These combined cyclical and structural stresses will require enormous innovative efforts by businesses, governments and communities to overcome the short-term dislocations that they create before they move into a more sustained period of growth and development.

The present decade is one of transition: a transition as a new global pattern of growth, trade and investment unfolds.

These pressures for change generate particular challenges in the context of scarce financial resources as the growth and development of the global economy is highly dependent upon a free and available flow of finance. This has been the historical experience of the world. The future will require the development of new financial markets, institutions and instruments together with a renewed interaction and dependence on money and capital markets by communities, companies and governments.

What we do:

We conduct independent consultancy and research into the new dynamics of growth in the context of the new global economy. Our focus is to identify the strategic imperatives for businesses, governments and communities in this future and provide insights as to how to benefit and thrive in these circumstances.

Who we are:

The group was established by John Board, Dean of Henley Business School, Dominic Swords and Stephen Wells. Together we have a broad range of experiences in the commercial and academic world and have worked in many different businesses and sectors internationally. We have a network of associates that contribute to our work and can call on the postdoctoral research resources within the business school in general and the ICMA Centre - The International Capital Markets Association Centre - in the school in particular.


Project and research areas led by members of the group include:

Capital market development:

This work, lead by Stephen Wells, focuses on the development of equity and bond markets across a range of established and emerging markets.

The business impact of macro-economic conditions:

This work, led by Dominic Swords, assesses how key macro-economic trends and developments influence business opportunities.

We run a keynote breakfast event twice a year identifying key trends in global economics. These are held in June and November.

The dynamics of demographic change:

This work, led by Dominic Swords, looks at the ways in which the demography of an economy drives specific changes over generations. The key contemporary focus in the West has been the effect of the post war 'baby-boom' generation as it has passed through the population: this bow-wave of people has created enhanced commercial opportunities and a bulge in the workforce of those born in the 15 years or so after 1945. Yet it has started to look like it has created a challenging legacy for the young in its wake.

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