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Our History

How it all began

Centre for Euro-Asian Studies

"But tell me, where is Kazakhstan?" asked the British academic. It was November 1995, at a seminar in Oxford, and the question spotlighted the serious gap that existed in UK awareness of Euro-Asia at that time Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova saw the opportunity to establish a centre dedicated to the region, and The University of Reading took up the challenge. The rest, as they say, is history.

Developing a mission

Four themes have provided a focus for CEAS' work:

  • The specifics of transition in Euro-Asia, and the emergence of new economies in the region
  • Post-transition challenges
  • Energy security and renewable energy
  • Lifting the "natural resource curse".

But the Centre's mission has been broader than this research agenda. A key goal from the outset has been to make connections across the academic community in different countries, and with policy-makers in government and industry. These facets, too, are an important dimension of our history. Alongside leading academics, our students and our alumni we work with key global organisations including:

  • Department for International Development
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • World Bank
  • United Nations (UN)
  • IMF
  • World Bank
  • European Commission
  • Burren Energy.

The Centre for Euro-Asian Studies celebrated its ten year birthday

Centre for Euro-Asian Studies 10th Birthday cake

We now have 17 representatives in 14 countries throughout the world and are looking forward to introducing new representatives in other countries. The Centre unites more than 30 professors and prominent academics who are working in both English and Russian our Politics, Economics and Security in countries in transition. We are confident that our students will become leading diplomats, politicians and economists of Euro-Asia.

Members of the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies believe that the work we are doing is very important, not only for us, but for future generations. We hope to increase our understanding of the reality in CIS countries and Central & Eastern Europe. Our consultancy work and conferences provide a forum in which professionals can discuss and share information and strategies for success in these areas.

We are actively engaged in research and consultancy in the Euro-Asian region and are active participants and contributors to international conferences organised by the United Nations, the IMF and the World Bank, among others. This gives enormous credibility to the Centre and incentives to teach the subjects related to economics, politics and diplomacy in transition.

We are immensely proud of our students - our ambassadors in the Euro-Asian region. They are giving us confidence that the work and efforts which we put to the Centre's development will be flourishing in the years ahead.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova, CEAS Centre Director by email at y.kalyuzhnova@henley.ac.uk .
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Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact Dr Kleio Akrivou, CEAS Co-ordinator by email at k.akrivou@henley.ac.uk .

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