CIBH James Walker - National Income in Domesday England

James Walker - National Income in Domesday England

The project provides a comprehensive measure of Domesday income. 


The Domesday Survey provides the first comprehensive national survey of any economy. The availability of two complementary data sources allows a direct estimate of Tenant-in-Chief’s lands from the Survey. By providing a means to identifying the extent of arable activity in the peasant economy I am able to derive a transparent estimates production in peasant economy and hence for the Domesday economy. The preferred ‘full capacity’ 1086 estimate, determined under differing assumptions concerning population, price, and climatic conditions, is compared against recent estimates for the earliest benchmark period circa 1300.

The project provides an initial bench mark estimate that links to a substantive project looking the national income of Britain and Holland, 1270-1870 by Steve Boardberry, Bruce Campbell and Mark Overton.

Outputs to date

Conference presentations:

  • Aberystwyth, University of Wales, University of Reading (2006) 
  • Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (2006) 
  • Historical Patterns of Development and Underdevelopment (HI-POD) conference funded by the EU-Framework 7 (2009) “Reconstructing the national income of Europe before 1850: estimates and implications for long run growth and development”
  • Panel XVth World Economic Congress (2009) organised by Steve Broadberry and Bruce Campbell.