Faculty Membership

The Centre for International Business and History comprises Henley Business School faculty members and research students who are part of the International Business and Strategy department. The centre is open to any staff from within Henley Business School who share the research interests.

To view publications of the Centre members please visit individual staff profiles.

Prof James Walker
, Head of Intentional Business and Strategy

Prof Peter Miskell, Professor of International Business and Media History

Prof Peter Scott, Professor of International Business History

Prof Mark Casson, Professor of Economics

Dr Lucy Newton, Associate Professor in Business History

Dr Andrew Hull, Teaching Fellow in International Business and Management

Prof Andrew Godley, Head of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour, Professor of Management and Business History

Dr Anna Spadavecchia, Associate Professor in Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour

Dr Marrisa Joseph, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Associate Membership

Dr Linda Arch, Lecturer in Finance


PhD student

Principal supervisor

Secondary Supervisor

Research Topic

Akram Beniamin

Prof Mark Casson

Dr Lucy Newton

Business Performance in Developing Countries: A Historical Perspective

Karina Pavlisa

Prof Peter Scott

Prof Peter Miskell

Cross-National Difference in Consumer Strategies

Henry Sless

Prof Peter Miskell

Dr Lucy Newton

A critical analysis of the visual representation of finance during the Victorian era