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About the centre

A focus on managing customer relationships and a desire to provide a memorable customer experience are two factors that distinguish organisations that lead in the provision of excellent customer service. As a result, Customer Management has become a management tool of great strategic importance. The future development of Customer Management depends not simply on more investment in IT, but on understanding how Customer Management really works; building transferable knowledge and turning it into effective practice.

The Henley Centre for Customer Management, under the directorship of Professor Moira Clark, provides a genuine opportunity to harness the forward thinking that could put you ahead of your competition. It brings together business practitioners, industry thought-leaders and experts/academics to help organisations to tackle today’s business challenges through an ongoing programme of workshops and highly focused research projects.

Primary Objective of the Centre:

To promote Customer Focus and Service Excellence best practice through observing practice in leading companies and synthesising this into useful knowledge that helps members to improve their own Customer Management and Customer Service plans and implementations.

Benefits of membership:

  • Networking opportunities with thought-leaders in customer management
  • Involvement in the research programme and early access to results and reports
  • Attendance for up to 3 delegates at a series of hands-on members’ workshops
  • One-to-one workshop tailored to each organisation’s needs and specific goals

The annual fee for membership of the Centre is £10,500 plus VAT.

A copy of the membership agreement and further details can be provided on request - please contact Daniel Bateman (Dept. Administrator - Client Relations) for more information.

Moira Clark Profile Mar19

Professor Moira Clark

Professor of Strategic Management and Director of The Henley Centre for Customer Management.

Her major area of research and consulting is in Customer Management, Customer Retention and Internal Marketing. She has worked extensively in the area of culture and climate and its impact on retention and loyalty, and the critical linkages between employee behaviour and customer retention.

She has published widely on this subject and is co-author of Relationship Marketing for Competitive Advantage, Winning and Keeping Customers; Relationship Marketing: Strategy and Implementation and Business Success through Service Excellence.

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