Corporate Members

Each year the HCCM attracts corporate members from a wide range of industries, each bringing with them their own expertise and challenges to the HCCM research programme, allowing us to focus on a variety of exciting topics and providing an experienced practitioner community to support our members.

This year, our corporate membership includes:

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Membership offers the following benefits:

  • Networking with thought-leaders in Customer Management
  • The centre attracts a wide range of members from all industries and sizes but all members have a similar customer focused mindset
  • Opportunities to discuss with other business practitioners their approaches and solutions to current issues
  • Sharing of best practice and bench-marking
  • Participation in a programme of workshops and member open days
  • 3x places at each of the workshops gives the opportunity to expose a number of people to the thinking of the centre. We recommend that at least one person is common for all of the meetings to provide continuity, but the other places can be freely rotated. This together with the free place at our annual conference gives a minimum of 16 days of training/exposure
  • 1x one-to-one workshop, tailored to each organisation’s individual needs and specific goals. We work with each organisation to determine the most effective use of this meeting - be that as a practitioner workshop, a meeting with senior management, or a presentation to a wider audience within the organisation.
  • Input to the definition of research objectives and priorities and access to the resulting reports on research carried out on behalf of the Centre
  • Members will benefit from first mover advantage from the research outputs as the results are kept confidential to the membership for a period of six months
  • Members may also be offered the opportunity to be involved in new research and therefore to underpin a ‘thought leadership’ strategy
  • Access to the members’ website ( where member company profiles are displayed and a range of research and resource materials are made available publicly. In addition, a member’s only section gives access to an event calendar, a download section where presentations and research reports for the current and previous years can be found, and a member discussion forum is also provided
  • 10% reduction on Open Executive Programmes (booked through the Centre)
  • The annual programme also provides a number of PR opportunities for members
  • Articles and other publications based on the findings of the research programme will be produced by the research directors and nominated co- authors. Where possible and appropriate, member organisations will be mentioned
  • When research results are made public, members will have the opportunity to attend any press briefing organised to accompany the release
  • Throughout the year, the Centre director and other researchers make presentations on the subject of Customer Management. Where possible and appropriate, the Centre and its current members will be mentioned

The annual fee for membership of the Centre is £10,500 plus VAT.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Henley Centre for Customer Management or just want to know more about it, please contact Daniel Bateman (Dept. Administrator - Client Relations).

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