Henley Forum - Chris Collison

Chris Collison, Knowledgeable Ltd

Session title: Organisational Learning – The Magnificent Seven

“They fought like seven hundred”, states the poster from the 1960 Western classic.  But what if they thought like seven hundred?

Chris Collison takes us on a tour of seven magnificent techniques for organisational learning. During this fast-moving session, we will encounter pre-mortems, peer assists, after action reviews, project reviews, baton passing, appreciative inquiry and self-assessment creation.

How do you know which approach will hit the target? Where does each one fit in the landscape of tools and techniques?

Whether you’re new to the field of knowledge and learning, or you’re an old-hand looking to dust-off of some trusted tools – saddle-up and enjoy the ride. There won’t be a tumble weed in sight.

Chris is an independent management consultant and business author with over 20 years’ experience in knowledge management, networks and organisational learning. His corporate experience comes from long careers in BP and Centrica. In 2005 he left corporate life  to establish Knowledgeable Ltd, and has now served over 130 client organisations.