Henley Forum - Dr Christine van Winkelen

Dr Christine van Winkelen, Academic Fellow, Henley Business School

Session title: Henley Forum Research

High quality applied research has been at the centre of the Henley Forum since it was founded back in 2000.  We’ve carried out more than 50 research projects to investigate a wide variety of issues associated with knowledge and learning.  Each project involves a group of Forum member organisations and generates a contribution to thinking in the field, as well as offering real practical insights for practitioners tackling real world challenges. 

At the 2017 Henley Forum conference, Dr Christine van Winkelen will be reporting on ongoing research to understand what is really involved in ensuring initiatives to improve knowledge and learning “stick” and make the difference they were intended to make.  During 2015, the Henley Forum started to explore how current thinking about managing change applied to knowledge and learning initiatives.  One of our findings was that all too often, the models designed to help manage change seem to run out of steam when it comes to embedding a knowledge and learning initiative and making it part of business as usual. Often this is because changes to behaviours or working practices need to be developed and refined, which needs sustained effort, communication and support.  During 2016, a group of Forum members have been working on a research project to better understand what embedding change effectively means in relation to a variety of knowledge and learning projects.  We’ll be sharing our findings and insights from this research with conference participants.

Christine has worked with the Henley Forum since its inception in 2000, project managing and leading research activities and special interest groups. She was the Director of the Forum for five years until February 2009 and has remained actively involved in research and management activities since then.  Before joining Henley, Christine worked in a variety of roles at Nortel, Motorola and GEC.