Henley Forum - Dr Sharon Varney

Dr Sharon Varney, Director, Henley Forum

Session title: Navigating the Maze

Creating change in organisations is too complex for one person or one team to achieve by themselves. So, in 2015, The Henley Forum conducted an action research project to discover how to develop successful partnerships for change across internal boundaries.

In our 2016 Henley Forum research project, we’ve been applying ideas about gamification and storytelling to bring that learning to life. The result is The Collaboration Maze – a board game with a difference.  In this workshop session you’ll have a chance to experience The Collaboration Maze for yourself. You’ll be working against the clock to escape, but you’ll have to partner with other people to achieve your goal.

Join Sharon and the Henley Forum project team for this interactive workshop. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the serious subject of developing partnerships for change, and we’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy the experience.

Sharon is Director of the Henley Forum and a specialist in developing organisations and people. She works at a strategic level, helping to create more effective organisations, and engages at a very human level supporting people to manage personal change and transition.