Henley Forum - Jane Piper

Jane Piper, CEO, Pipsy GmbH

Session title: Changing culture with storytelling and cartoons

Acting like one company is a challenge that many companies face, but it was an even bigger challenge at Pöyry Management Consulting because it had been formed by merging seven different companies acquired over a 2 year period. Each company had its own distinct culture, history, processes, systems and sometimes national cultures. A new vision, organisational structure, integrated processes and systems had been introduced. But 18 months on, the engagement survey showed people still did not think, feel or act like they were part of one team.

A cultural change project was undertaken using storytelling and cartoons to identify the changes in behaviour and processes required for people to work together as one company. Results on engagement survey showed significant improvements around collaboration.

The talk will told as a story, to illustrate the storytelling method, and illustrated with interesting visuals with the cartoons created for the project.

NB: The project won an award for Innovation in HR by the Boston Consulting Group and World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) in 2014.

Jane is the founder and CEO of Pipsy GmbH, a consultancy that helps companies and people to be successful in an age of digital disruption. She focuses on developing mindset, competencies and behaviours for collaboration, innovation and rapid change.

Jane has two decades of corporate experience in knowledge and technology driven companies in consulting, engineering, education and pharmaceutical fields. She is a New Zealander, living in Zurich, bringing a unique mix of Kiwi creativity combined with Swiss organisational efficiency. She works well across cultures and with people from all walks of life. Being naturally curious about people she studied psychology to a Masters level and became a New Zealand Registered Psychologist.