Henley Forum membership options

Membership options

Henley Forum membership options

The Henley Forum is dedicated to advancing practice and is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in our field. We help our members to activate their organisational dynamics and unlock their potential through our programme of research and development.  Those organisations that activate and integrate the dynamics of organisational knowledge, learning and change are the ones that will survive and thrive in challenging and rapidly changing conditions. We share knowledge and know how within our network, in order to generate new knowledge and actionable insights for our members.

Within our community, we offer a space where leading business practitioners, world-class academics and thought leaders combine experience and ideas, develop insights and provide practical guidance to help knowledge-based organisations thrive in a changing world.  Organisational partners benefit from our full range of research and development activities. People from across the organisation can participate in and contribute to research, action learning projects, conferences and themed events. They will gain access to an expert network, a wealth of practical guidance for honing strategies and the opportunity to shape the future agenda of knowledge in action. Organisational membership demonstrates a commitment to advanced practice and provides great value.  Full details are on our home page under Corporate Membership.

Research partners get to shape and participate in our leading-edge research agenda, with full access to our 15 year archive with over 50 research projects, and content from around 100 events and webinars. They can also participate in our Annual Conference and advanced courses at a special partner rate. Ideal for international organisations and others who want to be at the forefront of practice.

Network partners participate in our complete range of exclusive networking and development activities including the Annual Conference. Ideal for smaller organisations and others who wish to benefit from a vibrant, cross-sector network. Please note: the number of network partnerships available is limited, to maximise participation.

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The Henley Forum is impartial, inclusive and dedicated to creating new insight that helps our members stay ahead of the game and create bottom line impact.

We’re impartial. We are not wedded to particular products or approaches. Our commitment is to advancing your practice, rather than selling our business. The Henley Forum is a research centre at Henley Business School, part of the University of Reading. So you can be assured of top class, rigorous research which is relevant because it is focused on your real business issues. We’re inclusive. We deliberately work across functions and sectors – seeking to create valuable connections between them - in order to help our organisational members unlock hidden potential.  And, yes, we are a bit exclusive too. Since our members fund our activities, we exist to benefit our members and to give them the edge. We create impact. Our leading-edge research aims to generate new knowledge about practical problems. We bring together people and ideas to spark new thinking and to generate actionable insights for our members - helping them to make a difference in business or society.