Henley Forum - John Hovell

John Hovell, STRATactical LLC


Session Title: The Future of KM is OD

Knowledge Management (KM) has made progress for approximately 20 years. Organisation Development (OD) has made progress for approximately 60 years. John believes in a paradox where the future of KM is OD and the future of OD is KM. It is possible that other disciplines, such as design-thinking and diversity-and-inclusion, are heading into the same convergence as well. All of these fields, along with the changing dynamics of the world and business, present an opportunity for us to proactively consider their synergies. This session will offer ideas and foster a discussion about the convergence of multiple disciplines.

He is a full time practitioner of OD and Knowledge Management bringing over 20 years of experience in the defence industry. John has won several awards, published several books and presented at numerous events and conferences.