The Huck Centre for Management Research

About us

Introduction to the Centre

Part of Henley Business School at the University of Reading, the Huck Centre for Management Research was established with a generous benefaction from Mr John Lloyd Huck, former CEO and President of Merck Inc, and in collaboration with Royal Holloway and New Bedford College, University of London. The Centre supports innovative research and provides research scholarships and bursaries to students to help them achieve their educational objectives at the University. The main research emphasis has been on studies of culture and leadership in UK and foreign multinationals.

Research in the centre

The Centre's research focuses on the following fields: Corporate financial and cultural 'health', together with organisation 'personality' research (particularly with reference to the 'bottom-line' effects of positive or negative 'culture' or 'personality' influences within an organisation); Fundraising and development modelling in UK Higher Education; Development of alternative Business School administration models and benchmarking criteria.

The research and consulting thrust of the Centre focus on:

  • Management understanding
  • Strategic planning
  • Practical solutions for fine-tuned operation
  • Corrective action
  • Bottom-line profit performance in a humanitarian setting

Members of the Centre

  • John Lloyd Huck, BS | Honorary Chairman  
  • David H. Leslie-Hughes, BA, LLB, MBA, PhD (econ) Attorney (USA) | Executive Chairman
  • Professor Colin Haslam, BA, PhD,CA | Treasurer 

Events in the Centre

Each academic year the Centre organises a small number of seminars and workshops, designed to unite academic colleagues conducting research spanning the broad, outlined fields above.