JMCR Current PhD Students

Current PhD and DBA Research

Irene Garnelo Gomez - The Construction of Identity through Sustainable Consumption

Irene is a first year PhD student carrying out research under the supervision of Professor Kevin Money and Dr David Littlewood. She is researching the creation of identity through sustainable consumption. Irene's work draws upon the Four Drives Theory of Human Behaviour (Lawrence and Nohria, 2002), and aims to contribute to understanding of what motivates this kind of consumption, as well as wider pro-social behaviours.


Naeema Pasha - Resilience in Career Success   

Naeema's research is examining resilience as a factor in career success, and the influence of mediating factors like personality and competency. She is currently undertaking quantitative data collection. Naeema's DBA is supervised by Prof Kevin Money and Prof Vic Dulevicz. She is an experienced career development specialist and is currently Head of Careers Services in Henley Business School.


Papers at professional conferences: 

  • NASES 2013: Using Social Media to engage students
  • ASET 2012: Making and measuring an impact
  • NASES 2012: Social Media and Career Engagement
  • GEC12 2012: Social Capital why does it matter to career happiness?
  • AGCAS 2011: Engaging reluctant GenYers into career planning 


Anastasyia Saraeva - Reputation Outcomes, Messages and Communication Channels

Anastaysia's work explores how reputational outcomes (stakeholder reactions) are influenced by the interactions between the reputational message, the messenger and the channel through which the message is communicated. Anastaysia is a first year PhD student working under the supervision of Associate Professor Carola Hillenbrand and Professor Kevin Money. Prior to commencing her PhD she worked in the oil industry in Russia and holds an undergraduate degree from Samara State Economic University, and an MSc in International Management from the University of Sussex, UK