JMCR Research

Research in the Centre

Since its inception, the JMCR has pioneered a relational and organisational approach to the study of reputation and has applied psychological principles to understand relationships with a wide group of stakeholders. Research streams actively pursued within JMCR include:

  • Engaged relationships (positive reputations and identities, trust/distrust, supportive behaviours)
  • Responsible leadership (decision-making, emotions, empathy, corporate responsibility, balancing the needs of stakeholders)
  • Succeeding through adversity (resilience, well-being, social and environmental innovation, reputation-recovery)

We maintain an orientation towards independently conducted rigorous research which can attract external funding and publication in high-impact academic outlets. Our research also intends to help individuals and organisations to build lasting relationships and positive identities and inform policy and practice. 

The Centre welcomes visiting scholars with research interests in related areas. PhD applications from students with interest in our core themes are also encouraged.

 Current Research and Projects

Current PhD and DBA Research

  • Naeema Pasha: Resilience in Career Success

Recent PhD and DBA Research

  • Anastasiya Saraeva: Reputation Outcomes, Messages and Communication Channels (2017)
  • Irene Garnelo Gomez: Identity and Sustainable Consumption (2017)
  • James Robey: The Business Case for Sustainability (2016)
  • Simona Cantarella: Decision-making under low and high financial uncertainty (2016)
  • Nuno DaCamara: The Developmemt and Impact of Organisational Reputation with Employees: Investigating Internal Attitudes and Intentions with an Emotional Lens (2013)
  • Nicola Swan: Giving Community Stakeholders a Voice in Stakeholder Theory (2012)
  • Roger Hayes: Public Diplomacy: At the Intersection of Government, Business and Public Opinion in a Transparent World (2012)
  • Bettina West: Exploring Customer Relationships: The Impact of Social Axioms on Perceptions and Outcomes of Corporate Reputation (2011)