Publications & highlights

Publications & highlights

Jmcr Conf Oct19 Compass

JMCR Annual Conference 2019
The Power of Purpose

How Purpose Can Build Reputations, Drive Organisational Performance and Create Positive Outcomes for Society

Sophie Gill, Managing Consultant at @LogikalProject, shared her views about the 16th Annual JMCR Conference, which took place at the end of October. Thanks to Sophie for summing it up so nicely!

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Past & Ongoing Research Interests & Projects

Current PhD & DBA Research

  • Naeema Pasha: Resilience in Career Success
  • Naila Zulfa: You are to Whom You Speak: The Moderating Role of Word-of-Mouth (WOM) Audience in The Effect of Customer-Company Identification (CCI) and Customer Satisfaction on WOM
  • Timothy Groves: Developing Models of Leadership and Decision-Making for the Social Sector
  • Samuel Lawal: Response to the Ethical Behaviours of Multinational Corporation

Recent PhD & DBA Research

  • Anastasiya Saraeva: Reputation Outcomes, Messages & Communication Channels (2017)
  • Irene Garnelo Gomez: Identity Expression & Motivational Drives in Sustainable Living (2017)
  • James Robey: The Business Case for Sustainability (2016)
  • Simona Cantarella: Decision-making Under Low & High Financial Uncertainty (2016)
  • Nuno DaCamara: The Developmemt & Impact of Organisational Reputation with Employees: Investigating Internal Attitudes & Intentions with an Emotional Lens (2013)
  • Nicola Swan: Giving Community Stakeholders a Voice in Stakeholder Theory (2012)
  • Roger Hayes: Public Diplomacy: At the Intersection of Government, Business & Public Opinion in a Transparent World (2012)
  • Bettina West: Exploring Customer Relationships: The Impact of Social Axioms on Perceptions and Outcomes of Corporate Reputation (2011)

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