Our courses, programmes and teaching

Our courses, programmes and teaching

Within International Business and Strategy we direct internationally-renowned programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level, within the cognate area of business and management. In addition, we contribute more widely to the full range Henley Business School's offering, including the world-renowned Henley MBA and executive programmes. High quality teaching focuses on critical developments in international business and strategy and organisations' strategic response to these.

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

We provide PhD Opportunities and funding for high quality doctoral candidates from all over the world, wanting to conduct full-time postgraduate research in International Business and Strategy.

PhD Masterclasses

We provide International Business Masterclasses for PhD students and delegates from our affiliated academic partners and government organizations to give broader learning opportunities to younger scholars.

Postgraduate Masters Programmes

Masters programmes directly related to International Business and Strategy include MSc International Business, MSc International Business and Finance and MSc International Human Resource Management.

Undergraduate Degree Programmes

Related undergraduate degree programmes include BA Business and Management, BA International Management and Business Administration with French, BA International Management and Business Administration with German and BA International Management and Business Administration with Italian.

Our Teaching

Henley Business School's programmes attract a diverse range of applicants, from many different cultures. Underpinned by the latest research and practice, which we play a key role in generating, our teaching approach enables students to develop a high level or academic and professional skills, with a crucial emphasis on personal development.

We aim to build upon the solid foundation of our research-driven teaching model, which recognises that it is our research strength that enables us to credibly interact with students, participants, policymakers, organisations and other stakeholders.

Students and participants will develop an ability to use their knowledge critically, understand the fundamental principles of their discipline and learn how to relate this to wider business and organisational contexts. Graduates can expect to understand how organisations function within a changing globalised business environment, and to become equipped to question and critically challenge common assumptions.