International Business Masterclasses

International Business Masterclasses

The Henley International Business Masterclasses are an initiative developed in the International Business and Strategy unit at Henley Business School. We provide these intensive courses on current debates and conceptual issues in International Business to give broader learning opportunities to younger scholars. Each masterclass offers the opportunity to engage in key International Business topics taught by notable intellectual figures in the field.

The masterclasses are delivered in two sets each academic year, in the Autumn and Spring session. Both sets consist of 2 modules which are delivered over a week, typically in November and April .

Autumn term 2018/2019 Masterclasses

The Autumn session 2018-19 will consist of the first set of two masterclasses and these will run between 5 and 9 November 2018.

· MMD005 - Strategy and International Business by Alain Verbeke, 05 - 07 November 2018.

· MMD003 - Economics of International Business by Mark Casson and Gabriel Benito , 07 - 09 November 2018

Date of delivery: 05 - 07 November 2018
Venue: Room 108, Henley Business School,University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus
Masterclass title: Strategy of International Business
Instructor: Alain Verbeke, Henley Business School

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Date of delivery: 07 - 09 November 2018
Venue: Room, 108, Henley Business School, University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus
Masterclass title: Economics of International Business
Instructor: Mark Casson, Henley Business School & Gabriel Benito, Norwegian Business School

‘View Syllabus here’

The masterclasses are offered to PhD students, post-doctoral and early career researchers. The number of students attending each course is strictly limited to 30. The masterclasses provide networking opportunities and allow developing global partnerships.

Participants can either attend as formally enrolled students or as non-enrolled attendees. The first option will provide formal recognition in the form of credits. Participants will be awarded 10 credits per module, an equivalent of 5 ECTS credits, upon the positive evaluation of coursework and payment of a tuition fee (£230 for Home/EU students and £460 for Overseas students per module). The second option is free of tuition charges and will be non-credit bearing (participants will only receive a certificate of attendance).

A limited number of very competitive scholarships is generously offered from the Alan Rugman Memorial Fund.

Applications for the masterclasses in Autumn 2018/19 can be made by email to Jana Oslejova, and should include the following supporting documents:

· a CV
· an application form duly filled
· an academic reference supporting the application and a for a scholarship if applicable

Application deadline for the Autumn term 2018/19 masterclasses is 27 September.

Practical details about travel and accommodation in Reading


Thanks to the generosity of the Alan Rugman memorial fund, we are able to offer some funding support for the PhD students and postdoctoral scholars. The fund contributes towards costs of travel and accommodation for the duration of the masterclasses.

The recipients of the scholarships are selected via a formal process with nominations coming from PhD supervisors or other academic referees. Each application consists of a letter of nomination, a candidate’s CV, and an application form. Masterclass applicants should note the number of scholarships is limited and we strongly encourage everyone to seek their own sources of funding from their institution or government.

Spring term 2018/2019 Masterclasses

· MMD007 - International Business Innovation, and Geography by Lucia Piscitello and Simona Iammarino , 01-02 April 2019.

· MMD006 - International Business, Development, and Policy by Rajneesh Narula and Hafiz Mirza , 03 - 04 April 2019.

Date of Delivery: 1-2 April 2019 Venue: Room, 108, Henley Business School, University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus, Reading,RG6 6UD
Masterclass Title: International Business Innovation, and Geography
Instructor(s): Lucia Piscitello, Henley Business School and Simona Iammarino, London School of Economics and Political Science

Date of Delivery: 3-4 April 2019 Venue: Room, 108, Henley Business School, University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus, Reading,RG6 6UD
Masterclass Title: International Business, Development and Policy
Instructor(s): Rajneesh Narula, Henley Business School and TBC, Henley Business School

To find details about our previous Masterclasses find here

Participants’ Testimonials

Amy Nguyen 2 Jo

Amy Nguyen, University of York, PhD Candidate, April 2018
I am extremely grateful to meet many brilliant mindsets from all over the world in the PhD IB Masterclasses organised by the Henley Business School in April 2018. Being one of young scholars who just started her PhD at the University of York in January 2018, this programme has benefited my early-stage career. Masterclasses gave me an opportunity to learn all the dominant IB theories from excellent and leading professors in the field such as Prof Davide Castellani, Prof Rajneesh Narula, and Prof Chris Brewster. They delivered comprehensive and insightful theories, with passion and humour, which enriched my knowledge and allowed me to reflect on as well as better shape my own research. I really enjoyed the Stata sessions taught by Dr Katiuscia Lavoratori as they gave me practical application of the new theories.

Moreover, the programme was a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow PhD students, to develop networking and make new friends from all over the world. As a young scholar, I value the potential future collaborations the programme offers.

I am grateful to the team at the University of Reading who organised this fantastic event, and especially to Jana Oslejova for her first-class job, her kindness and hospitality to us. Finally, thank you to Mrs Helen Rugman for funding the Alan Rugman scholarship. The happy memories from the masterclasses programme will keep me motivated to follow my IB academic journey.

Olga Chetverikova Jo 1

Olga Chvetrikova, University of Manchester, PhD Candidate, April 2018
I found the International Business, Innovation and Geography Masterclass at Henley Business School to be invaluable and insightful. Mostly, I was impressed by the structure of the course aimed at gradual accumulation of knowledge both through theory and practice. Overall, Economic Geography and International Business, Connectivity and Innovation, Internal and External Agglomeration as well as methodological challenges were evaluated through most recent examples and trends whilst afternoon lab sessions on STATA were directly linked to the concepts and data samples presented in the morning. The three days of intensive training enhanced immensely my understanding of International Business and its role and impact on Innovation and MNEs’ location choices. The all-inclusive nature of discussions also helped me to link newly acquired knowledge to the research on Global Value Chains, International Investment Law and Technology Transfer that I am currently doing for my PhD.

Apart from teaching and research excellence, there was also an incredible supportive environment for young researchers’ exchange and interaction which culminated in several PGRs presenting their research and receiving a valuable feedback. The whole event was organised with the emphasis on collaboration which has become possible due to smooth and effortless administration.

I would highly recommend PhD Masterclasses at Henley Business School and in particular – the Masterclass on International Business, Innovation and Geography – as an exciting and genuinely knowledge effective course for PGRs. And last, but not least, Reading is a gem of a town with a couple of wonderful restaurants and a buzzing social life.

Emmanuel Tenakwah Jo

Emmanuel Tenakwah,PhD Candidate, The University of Newcastle, Australia, April 2018
I have made the right decision to undertake the masterclasses on current debates and conceptual issues in International Business at the Henley Business School. The sessions were well-structured and informative offering the opportunity to engage in key IB topics delivered by distinguished scholars in the field. As a curious and passionate researcher, I decided to take advantage of this training to deepen my understanding of IB conceptual issues. My interactions with the academics and young scholars attending the programme generated valuable insights for my PhD project. I expanded my intellectual interest in International business while building my research skills and expertise through the stimulating discussions on the application of theories in IB research. I am extremely grateful to the Alan Rugman memorial fund for making it possible for me to participate in the programme. A big thank you to the organisers, particularly Jana who took a good care of us. Above all, the opportunity to network with other research colleagues is invaluable. I will not hesitate to recommend the Henley IB Masterclasses to PhD candidates and rising scholars who wish to gain comprehensive knowledge in International Business.

Zhenyu Su 2

Zhenyu Su, PhD student in Applied Economics at the University of Alicante, Spain, April 2018
Many thanks to the Henley Business School for giving me the opportunity to attend the IB Masterclasses. Although my research field is international finance, international business and international finance are interdependent and so I have gained useful knowledge benefiting my research. The professors were knowledgeable, and inspirational. I hope to be able to participate the IB masterclasses again in the future.

Paola Esteban 1

Paula Esteban, the University Federal, April 2017
The IB Masterclasses were an enriching experience. During the International Business, Development and Policy class, Professor Narula presented a challenging discussion, raising questions that push the boundaries of the current IB knowledge. The sessions were very insightful and provocative. The International Business, Innovation and Geography master class by Professor Castellani and Professor Santangelo deepened my knowledge of the topic. The concepts and theories were presented in a systematic way that allowed me to build interesting links with my own research.

The Stata session was very interesting and allowed us to build a bridge between the theoretical concepts and the practical perspective. All professors encouraged discussion in the classroom, and that was a great forum to interact with senior scholars, and also, with PhD students from about ten different countries. The week was very productive and enjoyable. I highly recommend the IB Masterclasses for young scholars who want to improve their theoretical background but also to those who would like to gain an excellent educational experience.

Marlena Dzikowska 1

Marlena Dzikowska, Poznan University of Economics and Business, November 2016
Some years ago the studies of Professor Alan Rugman, Professor Alain Verbeke and their colleagues inspired me to focus my research interests on MNEs. Therefore, I was keen to attend the Strategy and International Business Masterclass by Professor Verbeke which gave me a unique opportunity to interact with one of the scholars who developed theories I based my research on. The masterclass helped to explain the dominant IB theories in a very comprehensive, and at the same time concise manner, but it also went beyond that. I was shown how to be constructive, stick to the point, but at the same time, take at least some of the existing theories and concepts with a pinch of salt. I had an opportunity to learn from a world-class IB scholar, sincerely committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with all participants, many of which are at the beginning of their academic careers. I had an opportunity to meet a group of young scholars from around the world. And last but not least, I was impressed with the hospitality and kindness of the hosts.

Gareth Jones 1

Gareth Jones, Auckland University of Technology Business School, November 2016
The masterclasses were brilliant in that we listened to experts in their respective fields of research and we were given the opportunity to network with other research colleagues. Importantly, we discussed current themes and where theory had traversed through time to where we are now and what could possibly be areas of interest in the future. The experience itself was insightful, provocative and had the impact of motivation to delve deeper into our own areas of research. Personally, I will be reviewing some of the ideas and work I have done to date across the knowledge and learnings I have just obtained from this course of study. The opportunity to maintain strong links with those that attended and the presenters themselves is perhaps a key benefit of the week that stands out. I would recommend this to anyone who is considering attending the masterclasses and finally, I would like to comment on the excellent facilities and wonderful administrators who made the stay delightful

Ramazan Arikan 1

Ramazan Arikan, Ozyegin University, November 2016
I had the unique opportunity to attend the International Business Masterclasses taught by Prof Alain Verbeke, Prof Mark Casson, and Prof Gabriel Benito in November 2016. It was a pleasure to meet and interact with the professors who are among few top scholars in the field of International Business. Their approaches to IB and to the internalization theory were fairly different. I see this as an asset of the programme which introduced me to the contemporary and conflicting insights and let me reflect on these various approaches in my future research. I valued the chance to present my proposal and receive critical feedback. The programme allowed me to meet fellow PhD students from all around the world and develop networking and collaboration opportunities. I was honoured to meet Mrs Helen Rugman and receive my certificates of attendance from her directly. I am thankful to Mrs Rugman for sponsoring my studentship and providing me with the invaluable opportunity to attend the masterclasses at Henley Business School. I am also grateful to the organizers for their kind hospitality and taking a good care of us during the programme.

Raji Ajwani Ramchandani 1

Raji Ajwani-Ramchandani, Pune, India, April 2016
The International Business Masterclasses have been a great learning forum for PhD researchers from around the world. The instructors demonstrated vast research and teaching experience. The concepts taught in IB, Development and Policy master class by Prof Rajneesh Narula inspired me to conduct further research. The content was delivered in a straightforward manner, with a high dose of humor. The International Business, Innovation and Geography master class by Prof Castellani and Prof Piscitello enabled me to gain insights into IB research in the European context. Also, I would like to give my sincere thanks to Mrs Helen Rugman for sponsoring the Alan Rugman scholarship which enabled me to travel to Reading and gain valuable experience. Thank you to all who were involved in organising and delivering the master classes programme.

Tianli Wu 1

Tianli Wu, University of Melbourne, April 2016
The International Business, Innovation and Geography Masterclass by Prof Davide Castellani and Prof Lucia Piscitello extended my understanding of the topic. The structure of the class was well designed and helped me establish clear links between relevant concepts. I am especially grateful for the opportunity of giving a presentation and receiving constructive feedback from both junior and senior discussants. This was truly inspirational for my research. A fantastic programme!

Michal Budryk 1

Michal Budryk, Uppsala University, November 2015
The Strategy and International Business Masterclass by Prof Alain Verbeke was a great opportunity to interact with senior IB scholars of world class. It also provided an excellent and comprehensive overview of the dominant IB theories. It helped me gain theoretical clarity in my own research, which is otherwise empirically driven. The possibility to network with PhD students from around the world was an added value of the class.