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Our Research

Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour is one of six academic areas within Henley Business School at the University of Reading. We are an interdisciplinary academic community focussed on theoretical and practical issues about the role of organisations in society, the people who comprise and enact them and those who must account for and legitimise organisation's activities - the leaders. We are home to two of the world's premier research centres in knowledge management and entrepreneurship.

For over 10 years we have stood at the forefront of teaching and research in leadership, organisations and behaviour. We continue to help define the research agenda in the fields of leadership, organisations and behaviour. Our staff come from diverse backgrounds in sociology, psychology, philosophy, management and economics. Faculty are regularly interviewed in the media and consult for international bodies and governments as well as large and small firms.

Henley Business School is committed to interdisciplinary research which seeks to understand leadership, organisations and behaviour within the following research centres and communities:

Centre for Leadership Research

Leadership is fundamental to Henley Business School. Our leadership philosophy is based both on academic research and work with our corporate partners. We bring together a vibrant, international team of experienced academics and practitioners that is working to broaden Henley's leadership research and practice in this area, to bring consensus to our approaches and to act as a catalyst for fresh thinking and debate between academics, alumni and leaders themselves.

Centre for Social and Organisational Studies

The Centre for Social and Organisational Studies was created in 2010 to bring together existing streams of research in organisational behaviour and organisation studies with a strong inter-disciplinary focus in the broader social sciences on which they draw. It aims to question conventional assumptions and understandings of organisational processes and dynamics. More specifically the centre focuses on: (a) how organisations relate to and respond adaptively to their changing socio-economic environment, (b) critical perspectives on organisation, work, meaning making and identity, and (c) morality, and problems intersecting governance, ethics and the use of executive and managerial power. We seek to combine rigour with relevance and welcome researchers in all areas of social and organisational studies as well as a wide variety of associated disciplines, including psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics and history.

Henley Centre for Leadership

The Henley Centre for Leadership (HCL) was founded in 2013 advancing Henley Business School's strong heritage and reputation for its outstanding academic and practical contribution in the field of leadership and developing leadership.

Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Centre provides a lively hub for teaching and research in the subject, inspiring students from across the University of Reading to embrace, develop and apply their entrepreneurial abilities. Taught modules delivered by the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship are open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students across the University. The Centre welcomes successful entrepreneurs and professionals to share their wide-ranging experiences and expertise through guest lectures, case studies, and consultancy sessions. The Centre also works with local enterprises to provide placements for students and a valuable resource for employers.

Henley Forum for Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies

Established in 2000, the Henley Forum (previously known as Henley KM Forum) brings together business practitioners, industry thought-leaders and experts/academics to help organisations tackle the new challenges presented by the knowledge economy. The ongoing programme of workshops, seminars, discussion groups and highly focussed research projects spans key issues affecting most organisations today.

Centre for China Management and Global Business

The Centre for China Management and Global Business (CMGB) produces and shares knowledge to advance understanding of China management, connecting cutting-edge research with public policy and practice through evidence-based management research to foster intellectual debates, knowledge exchange and mutual learning between the West and the East in today's uncertain world.

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