The Lexicon - Making it Happen

The Lexicon - Making it Happen

This page includes materials generated by a research project on the regeneration of Bracknell town centre.


Facilitated by generous funding from the University of Reading’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme, Reading Real Estate Foundation and, latterly, the David Robins Fund (for research in town and country planning), Real Estate and Planning researchers have been working on capturing the story of the regeneration since 2016, in collaboration with members of Bracknell Regeneration Partnership and Bracknell Forest Council. Project outputs so far include a report, ‘The Lexicon – Making it Happen’, focussing on the period from 2001 onwards and culminating in the opening of The Lexicon, a retail-led regeneration scheme, in September 2017. For more information please contact the lead researchers, Victor Nicholls: and Dr Emma Street:

Victor Nicholls

Lecturer in Development and Planning

Dr Emma Street

Associate Professor in Planning and Urban Governance
Research Committee - Outreach
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