Research Seminars

Research Seminars

Welcome to the Real Estate & Planning Research Seminar Series

As room capacity is limited, please could we ask those planning to attend from outside of Henley Business School to please RSVP to: Please see individual events below for details of venue and time.

Research Seminars Autumn Term 2018

24th October 2018,13.00-14.00, HBS 208
Dr Ben Clifford, University College London
Deregulating Planning: the case of office-to-residential permitted development in England.

31st October 2018,13.00-14.00, HBS 208
Dr Edward Shepherd, University of Reading
Land Value Tax: panacea or policy problem?

14th November 2018,13.00-14.00, HBS 208
Professor Antonia Layard, University of Bristol
Affordability, Viability and the National Planning Policy Framework (Title TBC).

21st November 2018,13.00-14.00, HBS G14
Professor Pat McAllister, University of Reading
The Accuracy of Consensus Real Estate Forecasts Revisited.

28th November 2018,13.00-14.00, HBS G14
Dr Steven Devaney, University of Reading
Capital flows and the ownership of private commercial real estate in London and Toronto since the GFC

5th December 2018,13.00-14.00, HBS G14
Dr Franz Fuerst, University of Cambridge
Sea Level Rise and Residential Property Values: Evidence from Australia.

12th December 2018,13.00-14.00, HBS G15
Professor Gianluca Marcato, University of Reading (with Ralph de Bruijne, University of Amsterdam)
Brexit and the Value of European Real Estate Companies