BA Accounting (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Course overview

This degree programme focuses on the broad areas of accounting and management, with an international emphasis and is designed to prepare you for a variety of responsible and professional managerial roles in both the public and private sectors.

About the programme

The programme aims to provide a four-year degree-level education in accounting. The programme will be delivered entirely in English, at the campus of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) in Beijing, by a combination of BIT staff and staff recruited by Henley Business School (60/40 teaching split).

The study of accounting progresses through the programme, so that students obtain a critical grasp of core theory along with knowledge, and skills of application and analysis related to this discipline and the opportunity to apply for credit for prior learning for a range of professional bodies such as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). The management aspect of the degree offers a grounding in the 'external' environments of the firm - such as markets, marketing and strategy - but then allows students significant flexibility in designing the further features of their degree

In addition to 17 compulsory degree level modules, students will be required to take 3 non-credit bearing compulsory foundation modules in the first year. There are also a number of additional requirements, as stipulated by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the BIT, that are compulsory and credit bearing in order to achieve the BIT BSc Management award. Please refer to the BIT BSc Management programme specification for details of these additional elements. These are outside University of Reading qualification.

Programme brochure (in Chinese)

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If you have any questions, please contact us by email at or by phone on +44 (0) 118 378 6204.

Important Information


4 years full-time


Beijing Institute of Technology, China.

Entry requirements

According to the admission rules in China, BIT will only make offers to students achieved top 5% after taking the Chinese University Entry exams (GaoKao).

Course modules

The module descriptions set out on this page are correct for modules being taught in the current academic year. Optional module listings are indicative and may be subject to change

Part 1 Credits

Comprises of 3 non-credit bearing compulsory foundation modules in the first year.

40 [20 ECST credits]

20 [10 ECST credits]

40 [20 ECST credits]

*These modules are replaced by BIT equivalent modules.

Part 2 Credits

Introduces you to the basic principles of financial and management accounting in the broader context of business and starts to develop students’ transferable skills.

20 [10 ECTS credits]

Summary module description:

An introduction to economics for students of business and finance. The module aims to provide an introduction to both microeconomics and macroeconomics sufficient to help students of business and finance understand the economic forces at play and economic framework that underpins their specific field.

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECST credits]
Part 3 Credits

Gives you the opportunity to build on the core knowledge gained in Years 1 and 2 and encourages the further development of analysis and application of that knowledge and confidence in transferable skills.

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]
Part 4 Credits

Develops further depth and breadth of technical accounting knowledge and deeper critical evaluation and discussion of contemporary accounting issues, as well as continuing to hone transferable skills.

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]

Business and Professional Ethics - AC313

20 [10 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]

40 [20 ECTS credits]

20 [10 ECTS credits]

Fees & funding

The fee for academic year 2020/21 will be 60,000Rmb.

Entry requirements

According to the admission rules in China, BIT will only make offers to students achieved top 5% after taking the Chinese University Entry exams (GaoKao).

Careers & accreditations

Professional Accreditation 


This programme is accredited directly by professional accountancy bodies: ACCA and ICAEW. Students on the programme will obtain exemptions from professional examinations when they successfully complete the degree programme.  



  • F1 Accountant in Business
  • F2 Management Accounting
  • F3 Financial Accounting
  • F4 Corporate and Business Law
  • F5 Performance Management
  • F9 Financial Management




  • Accounting
  • Business & Finance
  • Assurance 
  • Management Information
  • Financial Management

Laura Brown - Assurance, PwC

'I decided that a degree in accounting and management would give me a wider perspective of businesses in general and allow me to study areas outside accounting. If you're a numbers person, I'd recommend doing an accounting and finance degree rather than accounting and management. If you're unsure whether accounting is right for you, then the accounting and management degree course gives you a wide insight into the multiple business areas such as economics, ethics, strategy and management.

I was aware that I would need some work experience in order to apply for a graduate job and it gave me the opportunity to decide if assurance was right for me. I was offered a graduate job in September without any additional interviews.'

Samantha Robertson - Visual Merchandiser, L'Oreal

'Henley Business School has always held an attractive position in the league tables and with a beautiful new building; I viewed the School as one I would be proud to say I studied at. The green, open, friendly campuses of the University were further attractive features as well as the variety of modules offered on my degree.

The programme was extremely diverse with students from around the globe. I was able to work with students from multiple cultures, preparing me for international employment. The programme also includes a placement year which is highly beneficial.

A great programme for an all-rounder who is interested in learning about all sides of business including the creative, strategic, technical and financial sides, and not just large corporations but smalller firms and social enterprises as well.'

James Green - Technical Account Manager, Microsoft

'Henley was known to me as a leading school teaching business and the fact it was part of the University of Reading attracted me. The best part of the programme was the opportunity to practically apply things. I learned something new every day and the lecturers were fantastic. I would rate the academic and career support offered very highly.

I would recommend this programme because it doesn't just provide you with a great education in business; it works on providing a new way of viewing the world of business, contacts, practical skills and job opportunities.'

James Dixon - Outsourcing Specialist, Ericsson UK

'The University of Reading has provided me with a stepping stone to future career success.

The programme has a highly international focus with opportunities arising to work with market leading organisations. Work experience, alongside the degree programme, provided the valuable skills and competencies necessary to obtain a graduate position with the fixed and mobile network provider Ericsson.

I would fully recommend the Business School and the degree as lectures and tutorials are both interesting and informative, giving multiple perspectives on UK and international management.'

Christina Wingrove - Trainee Private Banking Manager, Lloyds TSB

'I was attracted to the Business School by its strong reputation and the programme in particular as it offered a wide range of options during the second and third years of study.

Not only was the standard of teaching high, the flexibility and support of me as an individual from the School also made it a great place to study. I also found the content and the structure of the tutorials really useful in reinforcing the lecture content and giving a deeper insight.

I joined Lloyds TSB's graduate scheme after graduating. I am now in my third and final placement as part of the scheme and am set to continue in a permanent role as a Trainee Private Banking Manager.'

Christopher Neil - Senior Associate, PwC

'From the moment I attended an Open Day at the University I knew that the three years I was due to spend studying at Reading would be an enjoyable time in my life.

The staff in the Business School were welcoming and a continuous help throughout my degree. With help from the Careers Advisory Service, I was assisted in finding my current job at PwC. Reading is a great place to be a student, with a vibrant and diverse campus lifestyle. I would have no hesitation in recommending the University of Reading to any prospective students, and always speak highly of my time there.'

Vicky Panayiotou - Lead Procurement Manager, Marks & Spencer

'My degree provided me with a wide range of transferable skills which have given me a competitive advantage in gaining employment. There is also a strong social side which has provided me with numerous contacts. I have also made good friends who I will keep in touch with in the future.'

Rhys Williams - Eli Lilly

'The School is fantastic in giving you support and it's great preparation for securing a graduate job. The experience you gain is invaluable and you may even be able to secure a graduate job with your placement company, as I did.'

Davide Serafini - Assurance Executive, Ernst & Young

'I had friends that came to Reading and they told me that the environment, both academic and social, was amazing. I would highly recommend the School to anyone, for 3 main reasons. Firstly, the learning environment and the teaching quality were excellent. Lecturers are always available for discussion, lectures are interesting and interactive, and the resources available to students are top quality. Secondly, the social life, from sports clubs to social clubs, is truly diverse. Thirdly, the reputation of the University, and especially the Business School. Graduates are highly sought after by employers in the UK and internationally.'

Alyx Wood - Analyst, KPMG

'There is a real sense of belonging and the staff are enthusiastic, helpful and easy to get on with at a personal level. The extra-curricular opportunities at Reading are fantastic, with the Business Society especially providing a forum for both social and academic discussions amongst students.

I obtained a summer internship at KPMG - a challenging process involving a business awareness and numerical test, followed by an assessment day in London.'

Vicky Bostock - Group HR Business Partner, Interserve

'Upon graduation I joined Interserve as a HR Coordinator and I am now Group HR Business Partner. I think that my degree has had a massive impact on my ability to get the job I wanted and to progress in my career.'On graduation I joined Interserve Plc (who are a FTSE 250 company) as HR Coordinator and have been encouraged to develop and continue my studies. Since joining my role has continued to evolve, being promoted to Group HR Business Partner and completing my CIPD qualification. I think that my degree has had a massive impact on my ability to get the job I want and to progress and develop my career. Although I have gone into a specialism of management, I think that the value I can add to it is that I have the background from my degree of management and business as a whole, which means I can see things from different angles.'

Ishtiaque Chowdhury - Key Client Manager, Genesis Capital

'Where better to study management and IT than in the UK's 'Silicon Valley'? This degree programme was developed in co-ordination with some of the UK's largest blue-chip companies and the Business School has a great reputation for teaching excellence and graduate employment.'