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HCfE publishes articles that cover a range of topics relevant to students interested in both Entrepreneurship and SMEs. The most recent articles include:

Entrepreneurial Start-Up Guide

Building Blocks of a Successful Sales Strategy

From Research to Commercialisation

The above Entrepreneurial Start-Up Guide was developed by HCfE and James Cowper Kreston as a comprehensive walkthrough of the steps a company should take between starting up and exiting.

The Twelve Imperatives of Successfully Launching and Building a New Business Venture

HCfE is serialising the 'Twelve Imperatives of Successfully Launching and Building a New Business Venture'. Launching a business venture, whether as a start-up or a new business unit in an international corporate enterprise, presents many challenges and success is not guaranteed. Leaders of such ventures have always looked to the latest research and teaching to source guidance and new approaches, like the 'lean start-up approach' and business model methodologies like the business model canvas used in developing business growth strategies.

In a series of short articles, HCfE present 12 imperatives that an entrepreneur needs to address in planning for the success of a new business venture. These imperatives are not mutually exclusive; instead, they are interrelated and come together like the components of a highly tuned modern engine to help the entrepreneur build success. The twelve imperatives are:

1. A competitive business model

2. A great business plan

3. A winning sales strategy

Coming soon:

4. A sharp focus on and pre-occupation with the customer

5. A persuasive value proposition

6. A broad mix of customer acquisition channels

7. Effective leadership

8. Strong execution

9. Effective customer engagement

10. Successful hiring and employee development

11. Firm cash management

12. A high performance leadership team