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About Henley

This is Henley Business School. The place where strong beliefs meet bold ambition. The place that is always bringing business to life. We believe in standing out from the pack, thinking the unexpected and putting people first. We aspire to developing future-focused leaders who carve their own paths to pursue a better tomorrow. That’s why we created a business school that’s proud to be different.

Henley participants don’t just learn a list of facts and theories. They develop and apply their learning to real-life situations, examining issues around ethics and sustainability and building an understanding of the wider global impact of business on society. This creates future leaders with strong business acumen, who can make tough choices on ethical decisions and strive for positive change in order to decrease inequality and increase diversity.

Henley Business School is a triple-accredited business school and part of the University of Reading. With campuses, offices and partnerships around the world, over 7,000 students from more than 100 countries and over 97,000 alumni from 160 countries, we are a truly international institution. Our courses are enriched by up to date knowledge, research and commercial experience, and aimed at students and professionals at every stage of their career – from undergraduate through to postgraduate, PhD, MBA, DBA and executive education.

A Triple-Accredited Business School for over 20 years

A Triple-Accredited Business School for over 20 years