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Improvement Leader Apprenticeship

Business Transformation series

Can your company survive and thrive in today’s evolving business environment?

The business environment is evolving rapidly due to unprecedented challenges in the last few years – from Brexit to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has lead to new ways of working. How can companies survive these challenging and volatile conditions and look for opportunities to thrive?

Many boards are abdicating their ESG responsibilities – they need to wake up to the realities of sustainability

Sustainability is not something you achieve. It is a state you have to strive for continuously and it needs a radical change of mindset.

Transforming for sustainability

Business leaders are becoming confident in setting a direction using sustainability as their compass and incorporating it as a central strategy component. However, there are multiple threats and opportunities to navigate, with no single way forward. Here, Peter offers four insights to bring a degree of clarity to this complexity.

Are psychopath leaders stifling sustainability and business transformation?

Businesses that focus on the ‘drive for success’ actively recruit individuals with a willingness to employ high-risk strategies. Colleagues can turn into strangers with behaviours that echo psychopathic personality disorders. Workplaces need to move away from socially toxic forms of business management and transform in a sustainable way.

Business transformations – why you need to change your mindset to change your fortunes

When businesses transform invariably, it is because leaders decide to radically change the organisation in response to external threats or opportunities. However, a high number of business transformations still fail. Why is that?

Data doesn’t have to be big to be clever! Why small data is a change agent’s best friend

The reality of how business transformation is going is often more complex than people realise. What makes the difference between success or failure often goes unsaid. This is small, qualitative, human-scale data. It is plentiful and freely available.

How supplier partnerships can enhance the benefits of working collaboratively with external organisations

How supplier partnerships can enhance the benefits of working collaboratively with external organisations

Business transformations – intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship and data science

This research lies at the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship and data science, with special reference to the impact of Industry 4.0 technologies – robotics and artificial intelligence, above all – on digital business modelling and the e-reputation of tourism and hospitality companies.