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Adam Lawes

Adam Lawes mtime20181019093028

Adam, how did you decide on this particular programme,and what made you choose to study at the Henley Business School at the University of Reading?

‘I’d always enjoyed business studies at school, and had done well in my exams, and although I had spoken to a few people about the possibility of going down the accountancy route, I still wasn’t sure that accountancy was for me, or whether I should follow a broader business or management path.

‘After looking at all the options, I was particularly drawn to the Henley Accounting & Management course, because it seemed to offer a wider variety of modules, and gave me the opportunity to understand some of the other options before I decided which direction to take.

‘So I came along to the Open Day and really loved the facilities here. I already knew of the reputation that Henley Business School and its lecturers have, but I was still blown away.’

So what were your expectations of the programme, and how did your actual experience differ from what you expected?

‘I thought it would be very much accounting based, but I was pleasantly surprised at the breadth of modules. For example, in one module I learned all about the business strategy of Spotify, whilst in another I am doing tax calculations.

‘I was also very impressed with the help and support we received from Henley when it came to setting up and preparing for our third year internships, and that support is ongoing.

‘So I’m going to spend a year working at L’Oreal as part of the finance team, and feel that I’ve already got a really solid foundation in finance behind me.’

How else has the course benefited you?

‘I already feel much more prepared for life after university; I’m a much more rounded individual. The social life at Henley is fantastic too, and getting involved in a new sport I discovered , called korfball, has been very enjoyable, and enabled me to meet lots of new people. Socialising outside my course has been a big plus for me.’

So what advice would you offer to anyone considering study this programme at Henley/Reading?

‘Take time to look into all the available programmes, and come along the Open Day. Speak to the staff and the students and get a flavour of the place.

‘And when you do come here, take advantage of the societies and other extra-curricular activities, as well as the tutorial groups, which make a real difference when you’re preparing for your exams. It all adds up to a great experience, so embrace it!’