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Amelia Vickery

Amelia Vickery

Amelia, tell us why you chose to study at Henley Business School

‘I came to a Visit Day in 2018, and was so impressed with how green the campus was – that was very important to me! The lake and gardens were beautiful, and I liked the fact that the business school was separate from the rest of the university.

‘I was also taken with the resources at the Business School, especially the careers department, and the tailored guidance on each individual’s career path. The building itself has so many helpful resources too, including a fantastic library that had so much information I used for my essays and projects.

‘I think one of the deciding factors was the focus on employer events and the access to industry experts; they make you feel really welcome and give you every chance to find the right direction, professionally, right from the beginning.’

You did a placement in your third year – how did it come about, and how was that experience?

‘The Henley career advisers were amazing; they searched for the most appropriate placements, and helped endlessly with practice for interviews and assessment days to make sure we were fully prepared to meet any potential placement employers. The team were always available via email and offered one-to-one support throughout the process.

‘My placement – at Reckitt Benckiser in Slough, working with the Dettol EU marketing team on a research project – enabled me to really see what I want to do with my career. I realised how much more there is to marketing than I ever imagined, and it’s definitely the direction I want to take.

‘Working with a company like Reckitt in the real world also gave me so many new skills, particularly when it came to time management and working as a part of a team.

‘When I finished my placement and came back to the university campus for my final year, I felt like I was a completely different person, and I know that lots of my fellow students felt the same way. It definitely makes you a more mature person, and I noticed a real difference in the way we spoke to our peers; the mindset had shifted from a university way of life to a work-focused approach. In that respect, it was brilliant preparation for when we go out into the world of work after we graduate this summer.

So what impact has the programme had on you so far?

‘I’ve learned so much, and developed as a person. I’m much more independent, and I’m learning so much about myself, as well as the subject areas.

‘I’ve gained a much deeper knowledge and understanding of customers and the consumer mindset. Henley curates the programme content so well, and tailors the modules to each individual to maximise the benefit of the overall experience to each of us.

‘The Henley programme has given me a place where I really feel like I fit in, and can be with like-minded people.’