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Amy Randall

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Amy, how did you decide to do the BSc Real Estate course, and why did you specifically want to do it at the University of Reading?

I knew people who had done this course, and it reinforced a lot of the work experience I’d done. I was especially keen to come to Reading, knowing that it ranked so highly, and also that this particular course offered lots of options. For me to fulfil my ambition to be a surveyor in a rural area, in a land agency or estate management organisation, it seemed the perfect choice.

So what were your expectations, and to what extent has the course met them?

I knew that the first two years would cover lots of general topics, and that next year – my third and final year – I’ll be able to choose from a number of optional modules, so in that respect, it is exactly what I wanted and expected.

However, I was surprised at how much independent learning we’re expected to do, which really makes you challenge yourself. It’s not like school, where you’re spoon-fed everything. We even sort out our own work experience or internships, although there are always lots of people who are more than willing to help and support us. I was also pleasantly surprised at how career-focused the course is. There are lots of experts brought in from industry, who give you the benefit of their experience, and are happy for you to question them on any aspect of what they do.

What have been the biggest changes in you since you started the course?

I’m definitely a lot more confident now, and much more independent. I feel as if I’ve become much more driven towards achieving my own goals.

What does the future hold for you?

I’m signing up for the Rural Pathways option for next year, and that fits in perfectly with what I want to do. I could have chosen finance or asset management or development, but there’s 100% employment in the rural estate management sector, and it really appeals to me.

We have our own careers department, so I’m very confident that I’ll find a suitable position when I finish the course.

And what advice would you give to anyone considering this course, or any other degree at Reading?

Being at the University of Reading has been fantastic. I met so many people in the first two weeks alone – Reading has a two-week Freshers’ Week and a great Students’ Union! There are lots of societies, and I’ve become involved as a Student Ambassador. I’m thinking of joining either the lacrosse, rowing or badminton society, but there’s just not enough time to take advantage of all the opportunities! I think the Beyoncé and quidditch societies may have to wait! But I’ll still find time for shopping in town, and the buses are every five minutes, so it’s very easy!

And the course itself is now ranked right at the top of the league table, so you really can’t go wrong. The opportunities it gives you are exceptional, including networking and mentoring, and there’s something for everyone, whatever path you choose to follow.