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Antonia Roti

Antonia Roti

Antonia, please tell us how and why you chose to study at the Henley Business School

‘Initially, I was quite anxious about going to university, but I was clear that I wanted to go somewhere with a really good business school. So I did some research and saw that Henley Business School had a very high ranking, and also that the employment rate was very impressive.’

So how has the course been for you so far?

‘The course has been tough, but I have been surprised and pleased that the teaching has been so engaging.

‘I thought I might just be a number, but especially in my first year, when all the teaching was still face-to-face, my lecturers were always happy to stay behind after class to answer any questions I might have.

‘I particularly remember my Professor taking time to help me prepare for my essay on HR, and I wouldn’t have expected a Professor to do that.’

What have you particularly enjoyed about the course, and the Business School?

‘As well as the lectures, I’ve really enjoyed university life. The environment is very friendly and supportive, and I like having everything so close by on campus.

‘I use the library a lot, and it’s good to have a quiet area where I can study alone, but also areas where I can work with other people when we are involved with group projects.’

How have you changed in your time at Henley Business School?

‘I feel like I have developed a lot as a character. I’m much more determined, and I’m much clearer about the direction I want to take. Before coming to Reading, I felt a bit lost, but now I know exactly where I want to go.

‘At one point, I considered going down the accountancy route, but now my thinking has changed a lot. My plan is to take a Masters degree in Marketing or maybe digital marketing, and I really hope I can do it here.’

And finally, what would you say to anyone thinking about studying on this programme?

‘Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask questions – if you do, you’ll get all the support you need.

‘And attend as much as you can. Not just the lectures, but the extra-curricular activities too. I’ve met lots of people from different cultures and backgrounds just by getting involved with different societies, and a mentoring programme.

‘Being here has been great fun, but I’ve also learned to deal with things differently. I now believe in myself a lot more.

‘Coming here was definitely the right choice for me.’