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Gemma Tysoe

Gemma Tysoe

Please tell us about KTN and why the organisation chose to become a member of the Henley Partnership

‘At KTN, we have a very strong culture of innovation, ethics and collaboration, and we have a 5-year strategy to develop a truly exceptional workplace for creative, passionate individuals.

‘We recognise that we can only achieve our goals by learning and engaging with other likeminded organisations, and the Henley Partnership gives us the opportunity to do that.’

What was it about Henley that made it the right fit for KTN?

The physical environment at Henley is special, and it always feel like a treat when our people go there – they feel recognised and appreciated. The networking opportunities are exceptional and our staff come back with a positive energy. However, whilst visiting Greenlands hasn’t been possible, Henley has adapted remarkably well, delivering a wide range of webinars and masterclasses.

‘There is something for everyone, and it has actually increased the appeal for many of our learners who might have struggled to get to the campus for logistical reasons or because of family commitments.’

Of the sessions in which KTN has participated, which have been the most impactful?

‘We have had consistently positive feedback from Narendra Laljani’s strategic execution sessions – our learners appreciate the practical examples used to illustrate the points Narendra makes, and even on Zoom, the sessions are varied, interactive and inclusive.

‘Those who have experienced the sessions have reported that they have developed a broader awareness of issues and opportunities, and think in a more holistic, more strategic way. This is reflected in these comments from two of our longer standing participants:

‘…an incredible experience and the best single personal development activity that I've ever participated in. As a result, I‘ve been taking a much more active and positive approach to space sector work and have been developing a strategic relationship with the UK Space Agency and Satellite Applications Catapult as a result.’

‘Really important insights into considering the perspective of people you are engaging with - an important aspect to consider if you want to create positive change.’

Finally, what advice would you offer to anyone who is considering joining the Henley Partnership?

‘It’s extremely well organised and user friendly; the HP team even organised a webinar just for our participants, to tell us more about future sessions and how we can influence the agenda – I think that’s a great testament to their commitment to helping us, and shows that it is very much a collaborative partnership.

‘The range of topics, and the diversity of sessions and formats, keeps everything fresh, and the facilitators are so credible, with an impressive breadth and depth of real-life experience.

‘For any organisation wanting to offer its leadership the widest opportunity across different subject areas, and challenge their thinking, the Henley Partnership is highly recommended.’