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Geoff Brockway

Geoff Brockway EMBA

Geoff, tell us why you wanted to do an MBA, and why you chose Henley

I knew early on that I wanted to do an MBA. After completing my undergrad in Psychology and Business I decided to get some work experience first so that the MBA experience would be that much richer. Then life happened. Twenty-five years later the MBA finally became the priority.

‘Why Henley? I’d explored a number of other business schools and they just weren’t for me. But the moment I drove onto the Greenlands campus, I knew it was the place I wanted to learn. Henley is a school with a great history and a strong focus on personal development and self-reflection. Henley and I were a good fit. ’

Looking back, what were the highlights, surprises and challenges of the programme?

‘I’m not sure anyone can be fully prepared for the challenge of organising your coursework around the needs of your family and your job, but I learned to compartmentalise each one, even when my wife was going through a significant illness. The Henley team was fantastic during that time, and were very flexible with deadlines, but it was a testing time for sure.’

‘The greatest highlight was the people I met. There is no question the tutors are great, and the course work is solid, but it is the people I met through the programme that made the difference.

‘Was I surprised? Challenged? Although we are told about the volume of work, I don’t think anything can prepare you for it. Though I would say it made us all stronger. Balancing your coursework, a demanding job and family are all part of the learning experience.

And what impact did it have on you – personally and professionally – and on the organisation?

‘I think I am now better at seeing issues and solving problems. The models and techniques we learned have given me a higher level of confidence to express my ideas in a variety of work scenarios, and I’m a much more innovative and thoughtful leader as a result.

‘I now also have a much better understanding of my own priorities, and I’ve developed friendships that I know will be enduring. It was such an enriching experience, and as (tutor) Chris Dalton said to us, our cohort created something of substance – there was a real magic between us.’

How then would you summarise your experience, and what advice would you offer to anyone thinking of taking their MBA at Henley?

‘It’s more than just an MBA; it’s a transformational experience. As a person you grow on so many levels. My advice to people: if you want a fulfilling personal growth experience where you’ll learn a lot about business but even more about yourself, then the Henley MBA is for you.’