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Ibrahim Kamardeen

Ibrahim, please tell us why you chose Henley Business School for your course

‘I was recommended to the Accounting & Management degree, and I wanted to have the benefit of a placement, so I added this option after the first year. Even in my secondary school yearbook, I said I wanted to be a chartered accountant, so it has always resonated with me.

‘As well as providing the type of university I wanted, and the professional course exemptions that would allow me to achieve my ambitions, Henley ranked highly and it was in the right geographical area, so that’s why I chose it.

‘I’m now working part-time in the company where I did my placement, VMware. I originally came here as part of the sales team, but I’m now in the revenue team whilst I do my professional exams in Management Accounts, so the dream is definitely still the same!’

So did the course meet your expectations, and what are your stand-out memories?

‘Initially, my intention was just to get all the possible exemptions from my professional exams, but as the course went on, I started signing up for other modules that I felt I would enjoy, and started to really enjoy the whole university experience.

‘The course gave me so much freedom to choose how my learning panned out; it gave me such a broad knowledge of accounting and management, and the way you choose your modules embodied the whole degree stands for.’

Tell us about your experience on your placement

‘I had applied to a number of organisations and had several interviews. One day, I received a call from VMware saying that although they weren’t able to offer me a role in the finance team, they liked me so much that they wanted me to go there in another role. The interviewer accepted that I wanted to be in finance but said: ‘just get into the company, and find your way from there.’ So I took the placement, and gradually worked my way across to the revenue team!

‘I really enjoy the networking and had long conversations with my manager and the company’s CFO, who became a kind of mentor to me. The placement definitely changed my view, not only to my working life, but to education generally. And it has all worked out well, because I’ve been offered a permanent job here at VMware when I graduate.’

What were your other highlights of the course?

‘When I went to the careers advisor in my first year, we had a conversation which kickstarted my journey. It was really inspiring; I told him what I wanted to achieve and he laid out a roadmap for me. Without him, I don’t think I would have progressed as far as I have. Throughout the course, he’s helped me to navigate to where I want to be.

‘I also enjoyed meeting lots of different kinds of people in and around the university – you never know who might be helpful to you in the future! It all exceeded my expectations.’

And finally, what advice would you give to anyone thinking of studying this course at Henley?

‘Be openminded. Be prepared to try new things. Speak to the careers advisors and take advantage of whatever life at Henley offers you. There are no boxes!’