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Leigh Johnson

Henley is delighted to be invited by Tech Industry Gold to nominate apprentices for the TechSkills National Apprenticeship Awards 2023. Leigh was one of those nominees we were able to put forward.

Supporting statement from Henley

Since the beginning, Leigh has embodied the spirit of positive organisational change and has driven several key digital transformations for his company. He developed an online training platform that allowed his company to train, assess and certify engineers globally at a touch of a button to a high standard.

James Adams, Apprenticeship Tutor

Leigh’s appetite for growth and development has set him up perfectly for success on the apprenticeship. He has fully committed to getting as much out of the course as possible while ensuring the key benefits are realised within his IT team and the wider business. The structure and governance Leigh has added o our digital transformation roadmap have seen significant benefits in 2022, with a strong, fully endorsed plan signed off for next year with the associated budget and funding.

Leigh lead the implementation of our online engineer training tool, which has enabled us to offer a seamless service to our clients regardless of geography, language or skill set. He also completed phase 1 of a platform transition to after having a business case signed off by the Board, which focussed on enhanced system performance and a securer infrastructure for our growing business. Work in progress is our new HR Platform which Leigh helped design and project manage alongside our HR Director. Most recently, Leigh has completed the team re-design and re-structuring to enable continued support of A&O’s growth through the next three years. Next year, Leigh has planned the integration of chat Bot technology into our current processes, the investigation of AI for our current tools and a commitment to the full digital transformation of our in-house finance functions.

Leigh has been a credit to the apprenticeship and the company and will continue to do so into 2023. We are lucky to have him.

Jake Morten, Commercial Director