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Luisa Kent


Luisa, please tell us how you came to be on the Flying Start Degree Programme

‘I thought I might study music, but after looking around, I found this programme and was particularly attracted to it because it offered placements in years 2, 3 and 4 and a link to a professional position. I also thought that if I was going to do a placement in an accounting firm, it should be during the busy audit season – January to March – so I could experience what working life would really be like.’

Tell us about your experience in the first year

‘There was more time to study independently than I expected and more time to explore the social side of life! I really enjoyed the multiple-choice approach to much of the testing, the group presentations, and the essay-based structure of the law modules. I felt as though I was developing a wide skill set and that this would prepare me well for working life.’

And what about your work placement? How was that?

‘I really enjoyed working at PwC, especially knowing that I have a virtually guaranteed job there at the end of the programme, assuming that I get a 2:1 or higher.

‘Being in a real work environment felt like a big step up, but I was treated as one of the team, with plenty of responsibility. During that time, I felt as though I really grew up and matured, and learned a lot about communicating with people at different levels. Travelling around, and staying in hotels also helps to build your tenacity and resourcefulness.’

What advice would you offer to anyone considering enrolling on a Henley Business School programme?

‘Henley Business School has a reputation for having the friendliest atmosphere of any school on the campus, but as well as being very encouraging they also push you to achieve your potential. So if you’re the kind of person who likes to see the rewards of your work, this is for you.

‘The lecturers are wonderful and there’s a brilliant alumni network. But the thing I like most is that this place is about helping you to grow, and it does it in a way that builds on the things you really love as a person.’