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Michelle Grosle

Michelle Grosle
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Michelle, please tells us why you wanted to do an MBA, and why you chose Henley?

‘I run a recruitment company in Central London, and I didn’t ever go to university, so I wanted to explore some formal business and commerce learning, and hopefully gain some credentials and kudos.

‘I looked around at various MBA providers; Henley is a great location but I particularly liked the fact that it is such a practical course, and that they put so much emphasis on soft skills, such as managing people.’

Did the programme live up to your expectations, and what were the highlights?

‘It was harder than I expected, but I met so many senior people and made so made great friends. The whole learning experience, and the support from colleagues, was fantastic – so many new ideas, especially around the management of processes and systems. It made me so much more aware of how companies operate, and how they should operate.

‘A particular highlight was our trip to South Africa, where we worked with a local charity and we tried to implement some of our coursework into helping them find practical solutions to some of their issues – that was amazing.’

So what impact did the programme have on you, and on your organisation?

‘I’ve applied what I learned about processes and systems into my business, and the tools I acquired on the programme have definitely made me better equipped to run a more efficient organisation.

‘I’ve drawn on the case studies we read and heard about, and generally I feel more knowledgeable, and more confident in dealing with senior people; I’ve certainly improved as a public speaker, and I think it’s also made me more ambitious.

‘As well as now having a network of contact on whom I know I can call for advice, it’s as if my own professional development was like this burning ember, and the fire is now burning all the brighter!

‘I can imagine that at some point in the future, I could add a lot of value to a bigger company using what I’ve learned on the programme. It was like a capability booster, personally and professionally.’

And finally, what advice would you give to anyone thinking of enrolling on the Henley MBA?

‘If you have the opportunity to do this MBA, you should go for it – you won’t look back.

‘I found it to be a really valuable experience. The staff, the location, the whole way of learning is extraordinary. Henley is a gem in a minefield of MBA providers!’