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Tanvir Nagra


Tanvir, please tell us why you chose to study at the Henley Business School

‘Henley Business School was always one of my options, if only because it was so instrumental in developing international business management training, and that heritage, it’s ranking as one of the best business schools in the world, the triple accreditation, and its network of schools and partners around the world were very much in my mind.

‘Reading is also the best of both worlds – it’s a wonderful, green campus but also close to the town and linked to London. So you can pretend that you’re in the countryside, but with all the facilities you need. I love the fact that we have ducks and so much other wildlife on campus – it’s rare to have that at a university, and it ticks a lot of boxes for me.

‘The Open Day also had a big impact on my decision. I’ve been to lots of other Open Days but none of them had so many students running the day.’

You did a placement year as part of your programme; how did it come about, and how was your experience of being in a real workplace for a year?

‘In our second year, we studied management skills and did six weeks of preparation for interviews and assessment centres, tailoring our CVs, learning what employers like, and getting insights from companies such as IBM. I never went into a company not being confident of what I had to say.

‘Most of us had never been to an interview for a full-time corporate job before, and it’s very different from applying for weekend work in a shop, so being able to practice that was invaluable.

‘The Henley careers team were amazing; Jack, Helen and Sarah were always available, and Helen is an amazing CV connoisseur and Jack knows all the employer relations managers, so we were able to visit loads of placement fairs; there were companies in the Henley foyer every other week. It was so easy to speak to the recruiters and build a relationship with them.

‘I did my placement at a company called VMware, who I met at one of the fairs, and we immediately established a good connection, which enabled me to bypass one of the interview stages and get a place. I was also able to use the Henley alumni network to make contact with a former student who was working at VMware and having someone to answer my questions was very reassuring.

‘My 15 months as a project manager was transformative; having a 9 to 5 job was the biggest shock ever, but I loved every minute of it, learned so much, and can’t wait to go back after I graduate!

What impact has the programme had on you personally?

‘It’s been an amazing four years, and I’m surprised at how much I’ve grown up in that time. And it’s been a very familial experience – you really feel as if you’re part of the Henley family. And when you leave, you know you’ll gain another 80,000 family members who are part of the Henley alumni network! I’ve gained so much confidence from seeing how the theory is put into practice and how all the modules blend together to make business work.’

What would you say to anyone thinking of enrolling on the Henley Business School programme?

‘Henley gives you lots of soft skills, and the confidence to talk to anyone at any level. You’ll grow up and find yourself. Henley equips you to be your best self. And your voice really matters. Henley gives you everything if you ask for it. It’s a unique experience.’