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Ulrike Sannwald-Reed

MSc in Coaching for Behavioural Change

Ulrike, why did you choose the MSc programme and what made you choose to study at Henley?

‘I’d done a number of other coaching and NLP courses, but decided that I wanted something underpinned with a more academic approach. I searched the internet and chose Henley, partly because the programme also focused on behavioural change.’

So how would you describe your experience?

‘I loved everything about it, and I am missing it already! I looked forward to the three-day workshops each month, and meeting such different people. I operate in a very technically-driven world, so it is very different from my normal working environment and therefore very refreshing as it challenged me in a very different way.

‘It was a fascinating experience, and I was aware that I was evolving as the programme progressed.’

What impact did it have on you, personally and professionally?

‘I’m definitely more empathetic, and have a greater appreciation that people work best in different ways. I’m more inclined to look beneath the surface of people and situations now, and my listening skills have improved. I just work with people at a totally different level now.

‘I probably did have a tendency to get annoyed in certain situations. Now I’m able to recognise that people don’t do things just to irritate me! They do them because they believe it is the best thing to do at this specific moment in time. My point of view has changed.

‘I’ve recently been promoted into a new role with responsibilities for lots more people, and I’m sure the programme gave me the interpersonal skills and confidence to take that on. Now I’m trying to pass this on to my line managers.

‘We had a change in leadership and this resulted in a move towards a more transformational leadership style. I’m enjoying working in a team to create a more transformational culture in what has traditionally been a very transactional manufacturing operation. A big challenge for us is attracting young engineering talent, so we’re making the work-life balance more flexible. The new approach has definitely boosted morale across the organisation.’

So what advice would you offer to anyone considering the MSc programme at Henley?

‘I’ve learned a massive amount about myself, and wish I’d done the programme twenty years earlier! All leaders should understand more about themselves.

‘The atmosphere at Henley is unique. It’s always special driving into Greenlands, seeing the river, and passing the sheep as you reach the site! It makes it possible to leave everything else behind. It’s a magical experience.’

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