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Future Leader Development Programme for Ambitious Education Providers

Future Starts Now (FSN) | OMERS & Oxford


The Future Starts Now (FSN) initiative acts as a bridge between academia and industry and provides meaningful opportunities for learners via its impactful programming. Through this strategic partnership, we aim to equip future leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to address challenges, influence change and help create sustainable communities of tomorrow.

“High quality leadership in education is the single most important factor in building successful schools and providing a high standard of education. Schools and trusts do not fail where leadership is good or better. The world of education has changed hugely over the last 10 years, but the training in education leadership has not. In today’s education system with multi academy trusts, single academy trusts, federations and executive leadership, we need to ensure that we are training our future leaders to lead these types of education establishments.

At Hamwic the apprenticeship scheme gives access to high quality leadership training, and through Henley Business School I have seen the transformational impact that leadership development has had on senior leaders thinking and practice within the organisation and the benefits this has brought to the Trust.”

Robert Farmer
Hamwic Education Trust

About the apprenticeship

The Senior Leader Apprenticeship | Future Leaders programme provides the opportunity to develop your existing academic and professional skills, preparing you to:

  • Become a senior business leader who can manage responsibilities effectively
  • Build an in-depth understanding of strategic management, relationship building, corporate responsibility, change and financial management skills
  • Gain insights into practices outside the education sector. These insights can be brought back to your educational settings to enhance and refine the curriculum, improve decision-making contexts, and develop the commercial skills of leaders to operate within an Academy Trust environment.

Benefits of the programme

  • Earn a Henley Postgraduate Diploma in Management for Future Leaders from a respected, triple-accredited business school.
  • Develop your existing skills and self-awareness, so you can become a confident, effective leader who delivers results.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your impact on your organisation, and others.
  • Develop a critical and curious mindset and confidence to address challenges and influence change.
  • Practice advanced communication skills including coaching, mentoring and feedback.
  • On completion of the Postgraduate Diploma there is the option to progress onto Stage 3 of Henley’s MSc Management for Future Leaders programme.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is a natural next step for talented early career teachers. Designed for those who aspire to be leaders in education, in roles that may include: Teachers, Senior Teachers, Assistant Heads, Deputy Heads, Department Leads, Curriculum Leaders, Middle Leaders, Phase Leaders, Specialist Leaders, School Business Leaders, and those in Estates & Facilities.

Applicants will typically have up to 3 years’ managerial experience, with a 2:1 degree higher, or 5 years’ professional experience without a prior degree. Individual applicants will be considered on a case by case basis.*

Ready to take the next step?

1) Join an Insight Session

Register for a session from the options above, where you'll be able to find out more about the programme and ask any queries you may have.

2) Complete an Expression of Interest Form

If you have your line manager's approval complete the Expression of Interest form. Henley's Apprenticeship Engagement Team will be on hand to guide individuals and their line managers through the application process.

3) Complete an application

Download the full application process.


This programme is fully funded by passported apprenticeship levy funds from OMERS and Oxford Properties. This funding will be passported to the Academy Trust that employs the candidate, via their Apprenticeship Levy.

Key dates

  • Nominations deadline - 15th July 2024
  • Programme start date - 16 October 2024
Senior Leader Apprenticeship

*Do you already have substantial leadership experience?

Henley's Senior Leader Apprenticeship | Business Administration (+MBA) may be a better fit. The Apprenticeship Engagement Team and Admissions team will be able to provide guidance once applications have been received.

The Senior Leader Apprenticeship | Business Administration programme equips learners with the key leadership and management skills to address challenges within your organisation.

It is a highly engaging programme that combines personal learning and development with group work, team-based peer learning and support.

  • Practise more informed decision-making that balances financial gains with the long-term impact on society and your organisation
  • Explore challenges within your organisation and gain the opportunity to influence strategic review and change
  • Understand the role of context in leadership and how different situations require alternative approaches
Contact the Apprenticeship Engagement Team

Henley's AET are available to answer any queries you may have. Email

Course structure

Apprenticeship programmes are taught using a blended learning method that combines face-to-face workshops with online and on-the-job learning.

Find out more about the structure and content of Henley's Senior Leader Apprenticeship | Future Leaders

Personal Development

Personal development for future leaders is integral to the programme and is embedded throughout the course.

The programme includes two workshop days for personal development, which enables apprentices to reflect and encourages them to develop positive new behaviours:

Leading and managing, strategically and responsibly

Compulsory modules include:

  • Strategic management
  • Managing change and innovation
  • Corporate responsibility and ethics
  • Financial management
  • Personal development for future leaders

Leading and managing, strategically and responsibly

Compulsory modules include:

  • Strategic management
  • Managing change and innovation
  • Corporate responsibility and ethics
  • Financial management
  • Personal development for future leaders

Leading and managing people for high performance and impact

Compulsory modules include:

  • Finding your leadership DNA
  • Managing people and organisations
  • Personal development for future leaders.

Strategic business proposal

The final stage of the apprenticeship is the end-point assessment (EPA), comprising an Evidence portfolio and final Strategic business proposal.

Progression onto Master's degree

MSc Management for Future Leaders Stage 3

Where the requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management for Future Leaders have been met, learners can progress on to Stage 3 of the Henley's MSc in Management for Future Leaders. If learners choose to proceed onto the Master's, they will not graduate with the Postgraduate Diploma in Management for Future Leaders as the credits will instead be awarded towards Stages 1 and 2 of the MSc. If learners choose to graduate with the Postgraduate Diploma in Management for Future Leaders award but later wish to complete the Masters, they must return to start the MSc Management for Future Leaders within 3 years of being awarded the Postgraduate Diploma at which point the Postgraduate Diploma certificate will be rescinded. The MSc Management for Future Leaders requires further study and additional fees.

Please note: a Stage 3 cohort may not be immediately available, and a learner may need to wait for 6–12 months following their Senior Leader Apprenticeship | Future Leaders. All workshop and assignment submission dates are subject to change by Henley Business School. Henley Business School reserves the right to postpone an intake start date if the minimum number of students is not reached.

MSc Management for Future Leaders Stage 3 fee: £5,450

An early bird discount of 10% is available to all learners who express an interest in progressing onto the MSc before the end of Stage 1 of the Senior Leader Apprenticeship | Future Leaders.

Find out more about Stage 3 of the MSc Management for Future Leaders.


What if I don’t have Level 2 qualifications in English and Maths or can't locate my certificates?

To successfully complete their apprenticeship, learners must hold Level 2 qualifications in English and maths.

If you are unable to find your exam certificates, the government has provided a useful link for obtaining replacement. Additionally, Henley Business School can guide you through an online programme to obtain these qualifications while you're enrolled with us. If you obtained your qualifications overseas, please send your certificates to the Apprenticeship Engagement Team so they can be checked against the National database.

Find out more about English and maths requirements

Why is there an interview?

The apprenticeship programmes are bound by apprenticeship rules which state that all applicants must be interviewed. This is an important step in order to create your individualised learning plan.

How often will I be expected to attend face-to-face workshops at Henley?

The programmes require learners to attend workshops for each module. In total there are 9 days plus blended learning component across the whole 15 months programme.

*Programme schedules detailing specific dates will be shared prior to the programmes starting.

What is off-the-job learning?

Download our essential guide to find out more about what off-the-job learning is, how much is required, and how Henley apprenticeship tutors can work with you and your line manager.

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Apprenticeship Engagement Team

For those thinking of undertaking an apprenticeship, contact the Apprenticeship Engagement Team.

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